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I just want to say THANKS! Thanks to all of you sweet people that have been following my project of cooking through The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. You all bring so much joy to my life. I am still amazed that you haven’t all gone packing and said, “get a life lady!”.

Yesterday, I picked up my oldest son from school. It’s the start of the new trimester…he started a communications class. In this class on the third day he had to get up and tell about himself and his family. Apparently all went well until he said, “and my mom, she just cooks, and blogs about it, that’s pretty much all she does.” NICE! His teacher stopped him at this point in his speech and said, “whoa son, you are making your mom sound like Chef Boyardee, she must do something other than cook.” So this prompted my son to ask, “what else do you do mom?”.

Now I know most of you are probably moms and wives and you know darn well what I am doing all day and it ain’t cookin’ and blogging. BUT I feel I need to share some other projects I have going on in my life….just in case you all thought I was aspiring to be Chef Boyardee. Then there would be no confusion about who I am and what I do….I will hold back a few things I am working on. Wouldn’t want to ruin my mystery with you.

The obvious project. Let me tell you the Peach Crisp (even though I had to make it with canned peaches… bluck…)with Maple Cream Sauce was so fantastical I dreamt about it last night. I dreamt I was drinking the remainder of the sauce out of the pitcher and Kenny caught me BUSTED! Katies Roasted Corn Salad, was equally yummy, but I need to make it in the summer when I can get my hands on FRESH ingredients. Not frozen cobs of corn! I am not going to show you the Chicken Fried Steak, 1.)my picture did not give it justice 2.)my E.R. doctor husband totally ruined it for me when he said it looked like a tumor or something they scrape out of clogged arteries. UGH! So now that’s all I see when I look at the picture, and I get whoosey… Everyone licked their platters clean, talk of tumors and artery sludge has no effect on most of my family members!

The obvious projects…..

This project has been on going. It’s a cookbook scrapbook of sorts. I am taking old pictures like this one and hooking them up with family recipes.

OK what the heck was I wearing? Great Mother of Fashion! Stacy and Clinton where were you when I needed you?

I have another cookbook project that I am just starting on…it’s not about my biological family, but my family in Christ. I am heading up a project to put a cookbook together that will raise money for a camp we as a family vacation at, and our kids go to for summer camp. I am really excited about this undertaking and of course kinda freaked out and scared too. I had to pitch the idea last weekend at a women’s retreat…well, lets just say I received some laughs. The kind of laughs, where one knows they are so sorry for your utter incapacity to speak in front of anyone. I cry…not sure why, but among other things that happen to my body when I am up in front of people, I cry. So in front of 125 women, I cried, about a cookbook, I am hoping they will help me bring to life.

This is a project that will be revealed to you over time.

Some of the other project in my life: organizing my kids school memories, art work and papers. Finding a bra that fits my forty something bosoms, so they appear to be twenty something. Getting some pictures hung that have been leaning up against walls.

Oh! and this is one of my favorites things to do….

the project of pouring over a map and planning a road trip. Spring Break is almost here. With Kenny’s schedule we will not be able to be gone the whole break, but we will take some sort of trip. It’s good for the soul…hey if you want, you can read about the five weeks we were on the road last summer. This trip is where I discovered blogging among many other things! Or maybe your knives need sharpening or your eyebrows need to be plucked, I understand….

Have a great day!


***yes you can comment on this post to win a signed copy of The Pioneer Woman cooks!

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  1. First of all…boy, oh boy does Lukey look like his mama…2nd, who in the heck are you about to stab in the jugular?

    Projects? Is that what you call them. I can think of 100 more things you could have added to this list. How you get it all done is beyond my understanding….like entertaining on a regular basis, volunteer in Fuse minitry weekly, organizing weekly meals for the Fox family, weekly involvement with CPLC, mom's in touch, PRC, the list really goes on and on. That is why we love you so…Thanks for being you!

  2. First of all the peach cobbler looks scrumptious and second Holy Cow I can't believe the picture of you and how much Luke looks like you!!!!

  3. Oh Sheila…you crack me up! Love your sense of humor. Your blog always brings a smile to my face and a giggle in my heart!

  4. Sheila, this has been so much fun to read…and I'm still reading! What a project—I'm emailing it to some friends right now. Thank you for working so hard! 🙂

  5. WOW! How exciting for you that she commented on your blog! How funny that she was reading what you were writing about HER! I guess that made your day! Now take the reading logs and the shoes out of the fridge and take a deep breath Sheil!
    I want some peach cobbler!

  6. Woo Hoo! Exciting! So glad she got to see what you've been doing! Cobbler, here we come!

  7. Soon it won't be us saying "Did you see what Ree posted" it will be Ree saying "Did you see what SHEILA posted!"

    Go Sheila!

  8. I don't think so! I am just happy she took a look, I would have wanted to know if I were her! Thanks Ree for checking out my blog, you made my day. I am posting a scream post in a bit here!

  9. We are so doing lunch when this is all done! Sushi for sure, since neither of us won the trip to the ranch! Will be sad when your journey is done! But promise I won't leave you, this has been too fun!

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