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reluctant entertainer WINNER!

Heather Nesbit is the winner of a signed copy of the Reluctant Entertainer by Sandy Coughlin. I am so excited for you to get this book in your hands! My contact information is in my profile shoot me an email Heather, my frand, with your mailing address and I will send you your copy faster than you can say Ojibwa! (Sorry it’s late…I’m tired stuff like indian tribes start popping into my head.)

I have to say all your comments affected me ALOT. So much so that I just want to hug all of you who find entertaining so stressful, and even painful. I guess now you know you are not alone. There are definitely more of you that are reluctant entertainers than fearless.
I hafta fess up a bit. And tell you some of the things that freak me out about entertaining. First I should say that I am a people person, I love having people around so I think that helps me push my fears aside and invite regardless of how much I may be stressing out, on the inside.
Here is what I worry about. Not enough food….too much food….somebody finding one of my hairs in their food…the timing of the food….the pairing of the food. Good Golly Miss Molly…FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!
It’s really ridiculous, because I think I only ran out of food once and it was after everyone had seconds. If I do have too much I always pawn it off on people or we just eat the leftovers in various versions of the original anyway. And I don’t think anyone has ever found a hair in their food, if they have they were very kind and never said a thing. I think for the most part people are so glad that they are at my house enjoying themselves and not at theirs stressing out over the details, that I could probably feed them Spam on Toast and they would be happy….OK maybe not, but you get my point.
I pray this whole discussion challenges you to dig deep and find the courage to invite, to reach out. Getting around a table with people and breaking bread , can be life changing. To my friend who commented about meeting in a hall every year…first hugs to you the sadness in your comment gave me a poopy lip and got me all misty eyed. Start small, don’t overwhelm yourself. And to the person who commented about a family member making a rude comment about your hostessing skills, next time give them a nuggie! From ME!
This won’t be the last copy of Sandy’s book I give away. But in the meantime, please check out her website it will give you many of the helpful tips you find in the book.
Hugs! Luv Ya,

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Random.org was my helper in selecting a winner this time….thank you Random.

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  1. Yeah!!!! I am so excited I never win anything!!!!! Sorry it took me so long to respond but I have been feeling a little bit under the weather…..don't worry though the "wolf pack" has been taking very good care of their momma!!!