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Week of LUV…. begins!

THIS IS IT!!! It’s finally here. The week I have been waiting for. A week FULL of Giveaways! ONE giveaway a day ALL week long! To show YOU ALL how much I LUV Ya!

I’m so excited if I could do a back flip I would. Instead I think I will just skip around my kitchen island a couple times, and my kids will think, “There she goes…..right off the deep end this time.”

So to start off my WEEK OF LUV for ya’ll. Nestle’s sent me this adorable cookie tin full of coupons and freebies!
I don’t know about you but I love to BAKE some LOVE for my family. Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Nestle Toll House Cookie Pie, Banana Muffins, just to name a few!
You could WIN your very own adorable cookie tin! How fun to bake your kiddos some yummy cookies and store them away in this tin.
To Enter:

Tell me what you Love to Bake for your family in the comments!
One comment per person until noon on Tuesday February 8Th!!
Feel free to TWITTER it or Facebook share it. It’s nice to share….
I will announce the winner of the Nestle Toll House Cookie Tin Tuesday!
DON’T FORGET TO COME BACK(everyday!), for my week of LUV!
A new GIVEAWAY each and every day, Oh and it just gets BETTER AND BETTER!
Many Blessings and much LUV!

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  1. We just found a recipe for a blueberry cheesecake bars so I think that is our favorite right now for me to bake.

  2. Ooohh, it is too hard to just pick 1 thing! I LOVE to bake apple dumplings, banana-chocolate chip loaf, eggnog bread, any type of cookies…especially ones I'm trying for the very first time…and the list goes on and on!

  3. Oh, I love to eat baked goods but until my kiddo's where born I would not have called myself a baker, cook YES, baker NO! But I do have to say, baking is fun and easy as long as I don't have to knead dough or let yeast determine how high it will rise! I love easy cookies like no bake cookies or chocolate chip. I love your disappearing banana bread…my children ask for it weekly! I also love keylime bars. Oh, so love this week of giveaways!!!

  4. I love to bake! I especially like to make cookies and PW cinnamon rolls (without all the butter). Don't tell her I skimp on the butter!

  5. Once upon a time, Miss Luv herself sent me some cherries, which made the best darn cherry pie ever, so I'd have to say, "Cherry Pie"!

  6. I love to bake Banana bread with and for my son Garrett. It always seems we have lots of brown bananas lying around. There is a blog idea for you, how to get your kids to eat the fruit.

  7. I love to bake chocolate chip banana muffins. Kyler always makes sure to leave a couple bananas on the counter to get ready for the muffins. He checks them everyday to let me know when they are ready.

  8. I love to bake banana bread – usually because I don't want to waste the bananas that never get eaten!

  9. I love to bake all kinds of things. Of all the things I bake, though, I think the favorite around our house are traditional chocolate chip cookies.

  10. I bake chocolate chip cookies at least twice a week for my middle child… he loves cookies!!! I like to bake apple pies…I would rather bake than cook!!!!!

  11. I just love to bake for my family! I think cakes and cookies are my favorite things to bake, but I love to bake my loved one's favorite dessert just to see their face when they finally get to eat it!

  12. I love to bake muffins for my sweeties. Most especially because my 3 year old says, "Mommy, dese are the best fings ever!"

  13. Thanks, Sheila! What a great week to do giveaways! ๐Ÿ™‚ In my house, cookies go the fastest. My hubs' faves are oatmeal-anything, so we definitely go through a lot of oats in this house! ๐Ÿ™‚