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a YEAR in review….

I attempted to sing you a song in my first blog post of the year….
Way to ring in the cheer….
If you could have heard me it woulda broke your ear!
Dumpers was my second post, way to be a downer.
The thought of facing three months of winter really made me cower.
On the 5th day of the new year I had a Confession to make regarding a certain addiction.
Thought I aught to lay it all out, hope my confession didn’t make you have conniption!
After airing my dirty (chocolate) laundry,
on a whim, the very next day,
I took up a pioneering challenge,
to cook every recipe in The Pioneer Woman by Ree…

April Fools Day was the deadline…little did I know it would make Ree’s Facebook headline. This caused quite a fuss!
Who woulda thunk I’d end up in Pawhusk!?
Some have made comment that it’s been alot about P-Dub,
but really it’s about all the things that I love…
Family, Cookin’, Eaten’, Travel, and more….
I have cooked up my fare share of goodies, but who’s keepin’ score?

Dinner Parties, Beef Stew (it’s scheduled), Shrimp Boils, cakes and cookies TOO!
GIVEAWAYS are what really get me geeked! If I had a $$ Tree I’d do one every WEEK!
WHO knows what this next year will bring……..
As I write Kenny is looking over our yearly expenses on edibles…
I am fearing I might only be blogging on vegetables!
This first full year of blogging has given many things:
-new friends
-tighter pants
-and the courage to publicly be a Ding- A-ling!
Thank you All for reading.
Putting up with my bad poems and goofy style.
Hoping this year I will bring to many a giggle and a Smile!
The End…..
My poem is through.
Here are a few random-shmandom pictures from the year I’d like to share with you.


God Bless America!

Strawberry Picken’

Pie…lots of pie!


San Francisco BlogHer Food 2010

“Up North” at PLCBC!

It’s my turn!

Lake Michigan, 2010

Praying all the best for you and your families in 2011!

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  1. I love this review! I'm remembering your tweets about the pies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year to YOU! I just signed up for Blissdom and am wondering if I'll get to meet you in person there???

  2. A Happy Year Year to you too! I didn't find your blog until March so it was nice to see a few things I missed.

    P.S. Just placed my Pampered Chef order this week. So excited for it to get here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Loved the year in review, your poem made for a chuckle or few! The pics were so much fun, now it's time to do it again Hun! Keep the good cookin' comin'! I so enjoy reading your sweet and funny blog! Happy New Year to you and your family!