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Merry Christmas!

Johnson Family Christmas Card 2010

After many years of battling with my children to get a picture for our Christmas card, I threw up my arms and screeched “I surrender!” and went running in the direction of the professionals. I think the year of my surrender was the year I dressed them all in red and wrapped them in Christmas tree lights…..wouldn’t recommend this, unless you have very docile compliant children.

These are fake smiles, see my oldest daughters smile…like are you freeking kidding me! This is torture. Punishment of the worst degree…being tied up with my brothers in wire with electrical currents running through it. Torture! Torture! See my younger son, he is clenching his teeth and squealing “are we done…?” So this was it, the last year of me playing photographer for our Christmas card.
This year I called Andrea, she is a beautiful, young, mother of two sweet boys, in our church. She is so talented! Check out her website, La Vita e Bella, it’s AMAzaZING!

So glad I made them be matchy, matchy. What a great shot!

I love the coloring of this picture…and the background too. Love it!

Ready, Setty, JUMP!

WoooHOOOO! My kids love jump pictures. I have a wall of them in our basement. I’ll hafta show ya sometime…..

Oh heart breaker. My older son. If I had to walk past him everyday, in the hallway at school, when I was thirteen, I woulda been a wreck….weak in the knees, and sweaty arm pits. Yes, I had the pit problem way back then.

This makes me feel better….every picture was unbelievable, but even the professionals can’t keep my kids under control entirely….I think they were looking at a…um…well…er…sometimes you find unusual articles in alleys….”Hello…lets look back at the camera and away from the syringe on the ground….”.

This is my oldest favorite. He was ornery with me for not using it for the card. But I couldn’t decide..it was too hard to pick. Unlike when I used to take the Christmas card picture and I can’t find one good picture.

Oh my older daughter is so tall and athletic…my younger son…..always irritated because people mistake him for Justin Bieber, my Luke is much cuter than JB, just sayin’! Then my littlest peanut……I’m weeping and gnashing my teeth, tearing my cloths…why! oh! why!…….were is that chubby brown cherub I brought home 8 years ago???? I would love to freeze time right now, such fun ages. 14, 12, 11, 8.
We are so thankful for family, friends, health, shelter, food on the table and cloths on our backs. God is so good……..Praying that Jesus is the REASON for your Season.
Many Blessings! & Merry Christmas!
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  1. Sheila, just saw your post. I haven't been on your website in awhile… Love it and I love your descriptions. Thank you so much for your kind words of my pictures and of my family. I'm so pleased that you and the family are happy with the pictures. I had to give you some of the pictures where they were not looking at me, because it shows no matter who does the pictures kids are going to be kids ….. and find something more interesting than a camera to look at :)I thought it was cute!

  2. GORGEOUS photos and gorgeous children! Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas Sheila to you and your family! Love looking at your pictures of your beautiful kids! Yes, Luke is definitely cuter than JB! And I'm sure there is many a 13 y.o. girl walking past Noah everyday with her heart all a flutter! Had the same problem with taking pics of my brood… wasn't very enjoyable, so I went the professional route as well. Hope you had a happy birthday! Thanks for the fondue recipes and all the recipes this past year! Looking forward to more yummy things from your kitchen in 2011!!!

  4. Tearing up here. Mine are 13, 11, 9, and 5 this year and I know your joy and your pain. The burden of the Christmas card pic is enormous. This year my husband snapped a great one at the TX Ren Fest with Santa. Loved it, used it. My recently teenaged daughter was livid, my hair is not straightened, no make-up, and MOM, I'm wearing your sweatshirt because I was cold! Oh, well. Next year I guess I'll turn to the professionals. Happy New Year!

  5. Love all of them Sheila, you have a beautiful family! I think I have to give up myself and call a profession too! Merry Christmas.