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meal fit for a King: Boursin Steak

This is one of Kenny’s favorite meals. It’s a mans meal. Not that a woman couldn’t love a good steak slathered with Boursin Cheese, and then smothered in caramelized onions and mushrooms.

Uh-huh….that’s what I’m talkin about.
Definitely the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, and if you are wanting to show your man some love, this one is a cinch. Add a potato and garlic bread, maybe some roasted asparagus. And VOILA! Your honey is gonna be singing your praises!!!

This is so easy I don’t think I even need to add a printable. (I hope you don’t mind.) It really is that easy!!

New York Strip Steaks or Delmonico’s, are a good place to start, however many will feed your crew. Give them a good douse with Lawry’s Season Salt. Front and Back. Let them sit at room temperature for an hour or so before grilling. A room temperature steak will grill more evenly, than a cold steak.

Fill a 12 inch saute’ pan with sliced mushrooms, a medium sweet onion sliced,

and as much butter as your diet will allow…this is about 4 tablespoons.
Give this a nice sprinkle of Lawry’s.

Cook on stove top for 15-20 minutes over medium heat, until mushrooms cook down and onions caramelize.

Boursin Cheese makes me smile.

I would recommend spreading 1 tablespoon of Boursin on your hot of grilled steak…it will get all melty and creamy. But by all means if you want slather more on there. GO FOR THE GUSTO! That’s my motto!

Now for a heaping serving of mushrooms and onions right on top.
I’m telling you… your man ain’t gonna know what hit him!
He’s going to be…like huh…what?! “Is it my Birthday…Fathers Day, what did I do to deserve this meal?”
And you can say, ” it’s because I love ya baby.” Just because I luv Ya! (wink)

If you have leftovers, here’s a great way to use them. Slice up the steak in thin slices, warm it up in a pan with the left over mushrooms and onions, drizzle some Honey Mustard Dressing in the pan, toss it around until it’s heated through. Place that mixture on top of a bed of Baby Spinach and top it with crumbled Blue Cheese.

Heaven….. I’m in heaven…
and my stomach groans so I can hardly speeeeak…
and I seem to find the happiness I seeeeeek,
but after eating all this…
I will have to diet for a weeek.
Eat your heart out Sinatra!
Sorry lost my mind for a minute there….
Have a great week end and don’t forget to check out all the other amazing recipes submitted to Kim’s Saturday Swap at Quit Eating Out!
Luv Ya,

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