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Don’t tell me you’ve never tried it…..

I know the exact time and place I first tried it. I was a junior decorating for the Senior Prom. I was hooked. I couldn’t help myself. I just took a little drag, when I heard the whine of my voice coming forth from my body and it sounded like Smurfette I was hooked.

La-la lalalala lala lala laaaaaa…..

WHAT you’ve never sucked helium?
Come on loosen up….every 40 something mom is doing it.

The turkey neck is especially attractive isn’t it? Egads!

I was in charge of the decorations for our kids annual school fundraising auction. This is the forth year I’ve helped with decorations. Most of the other moms know that I am somewhat cuckoo-ka-choo. Some of them expect and wait for me to start calling out their names in my shrill Smurfy voice, and then to laugh hysterically at myself. They know it’s coming, they’re no longer surprised by my juvenile behavior.
There were however some new moms helping this year. Young moms. Nice ladies I am sure. But no one warned them.
No one clued them in…….
They were not prepared for my helium sucking antics. There were some furrowed brows. Some uncomfortable stares…..hey what can I say. Have helium will suck. Then laugh like a hyena at oneself.
My new mantra is: life’s too short not to suck a little helium. (smurf voice)

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