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CHICAGO- One of a Kind Show

Just a quick note in case you missed it Julie you won the Pampered Chef gift Certificate!! Click HERE if you are Julie. OK now back to our regularly scheduled program.

I’m hitting the road with Big D this weekend. Last year we went to the One of a Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart and we’re going back again. One of a Kind is a colossal gathering of artists, crafters, and home entrepreneurs. It’s crazy. We loved it and found many great finds for Christmas gifts last year. So this year we are going back and I hope to share some of my finds with you next week.

Here are some of the things I found last year:

This hat is crazy I bought two for my boys, but the enthusiasm of the men selling them is what really sold me. Check out the site and watch the videos, these guys are nuts!

The Poppy Bag Company, these Ladies are so creative. I love their creations. And the Neck Candy is adorable! Come to find out they are from my neck of the woods, and my good friend Tim at Smith Owen Sewing services their sewing machines. Love the small world thing!

d’Marie, OK I didn’t purchase anything from this vendor….but I wish I would have. Hoping they are back this year. We taste tested all their delicious food, but then didn’t buy anything and were later kicking ourselves. The Party in a Bag would make a great hostess gift $20 for all that! The Frappe Vino Mix was super yummy and would be awesome on a hot summer day

We also managed to eat our weight in Garretts popcorn. And found our share of fantastic “one of a kind” Chicago restaurants. We are planning on doing more of the same this year. I once had Kenny drive around a downtown Chicago block no less than 15 times while I waited in line to get my Chicago Style popcorn at Garretts. He said that I owed him BIG after that….we won’t go into the details of what “owed BIG” means…….
What food would you make your husband drive around the block 15 times for? I would love to hear!!! Do tell…..
Have a great weekend and you know I Luv Ya!

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  1. I loved those pook toque guys too last year they were great! Love those purses. Glad you guys had fun and Scott has done the same for me…around the block many times. That is a sign of a great man. We didn't make it this year. We did a lot, but missed the show. Maybe next year. Happy holidays!