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I have an obsession for funny cards. I can’t buy just one. The problem lies mainly in the fact that I can’t make a decision…when it comes to cards. I have been known to give someone more than one card. I have a group of girly~friends that go out for lunch for our birthdays. The Rule is NO gifts only cards, ONLY silly cards….bordering on naughty.

So today we are meeting for Rebecca’s birthday at my favorite restaurant in this city, The Green Well. I’ve been saving up the calories for this lunch…since, well since breakfast this morning. Sorry I am not a good calorie counter person.
I went to the Hallmark Store last night to get a card. Of course I found one for many other friends as well. And of course ended up sitting on the floor in front of the cards, snorting and practically crying cause I was laughing so hard. I was alone. I know…..mortifying. That’s me. I’m pathetic. Get me in a card store and it’s pure embarrassment for my children. My daughter was smart she chose to linger in the “teeny~bopper” store.
Now I can’t decide which one to give my gal. Will you help me?

Kinda naughty…but not too bad.

LOVE this one. Good Golly Miss Molly…I would definitely wear a bucket on my head.

Can you say…HELP me Lord to never do this?! Have I done this? Hoping not, making note to not talk about my sinuses or bladder to total strangers.

BACON! Am I the only one that can appreciate this card?

This one is for my brother-n-law. MMMhmmm…you think we haven’t noticed.

Need I say more?

Huh? What?

I will not print the punch line for this card, for fear it might offend any flatulent~phobic readers. I have the perfect friend in mind for this card. You know who you are.

Yes Myrtle! You ROCK!

This is my all time FAVORITE card. I have given it at least 3 times.

Good Golly, I about pee myself every time I read it. Arm dangle makes me giggle…..Ahahaha~snort~snot~snertk!

There they are, all 10. Which one is your favorite? Can you guess which one I might give?

Hope you have a good laugh today…maybe you should head on over to your nearest card aisle.

It’s true laughter IS good for what ails ya!
Posted 3/23: I picked #1 !

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  1. Sheila~
    Thanks for the laugh!! I had one of those days that I would just love to forget… I SOOO needed a laugh today!! Knew I could count on YOU!

  2. I love my card you gave me today…option #1 in case anyone is wondering! Thank you Sheila for being a connoisseur of fabulously funny cards….it made for a very FUN birthday lunch!

  3. I gave the last one to my best friend who always complains about her arm dangle. I have borrowed my son's vintage red convertible every summer for a girls day out shopping & eating. We cruise down the highway just like the gals on the card so I just about died when I found the card. But I love the flatulence card even without seeing the inside caption. I will have to look at Hallmark for it for my friend's birthday in April! 🙂

  4. I love it!!! I do the same thing and could sit in the card section for hours. I have actually given some of these cards #2, #6, and I think I gave #7 to my mom for her birthday last year. Whatever one you choose they are all funny!

  5. You started my day with laughter thanks so much. I too have given #10 and made a fool of myself laughing out loud in the store. Today my favorite was #6 my kids think my goal in life is to embarass them. lol Hope you have a great lunch with great friends