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Well this is it folks…my chitlins shove off to a new school year tomorrow!  I know many of your kids have been back to school since the 4th of July or so….. Not in the Mitten, unless your kiddos go to Pree-vat schools, school doesn’t start until the Tuesday after Labor Day.

I think I’ve been known to say that I love summer, that I love having my kiddos home, and life is grand and amazing and just down right one huge party around here during summer…..well people the parties over.  I’m tired.  I’m too old for the party.  I need a schedule.  One that involves more than six hours of sleep, one that involves no more alcohol, chips, dips, skittles, guacamole, hot dogs, pizza, turtle sundaes, one that involves kids going to bed at 10pm not 1am, one that involves a little peace and quiet!  The grouchy mom has arrived.  This happens every summer….like clock work, mom gets burned out.  I can’t keep up the pace.  It’s my own dern fault.  The crazy thing is while here I set whining about how exhausted I am….if you saw what I had planned for the last five days you would shake your head and say shut your trap women…you-za fool, you need to stop…drop and roll.   I can’t stop…I can’t help myself.

Here’s what I have planned for the this last day before school starts: five course breakfast, a trip to the museum, lunch at the zoo, a movie, dinner at the new Five Guys in town, maybe a stop off for ice cream, the mall anyone?, target, a drive out to the beach catch the “last” sunset of summer, back home POOL PARTY!, bonfire…the end. JK

Seriously nahw…. today is laundry, organizing for school tomorrow, making sure I filled out the mountain of forms for my tribe…the end.

So now that I’ve unloaded on you 😉 I thought I would share one of our favorite summer meals.  It’s quick, and easy.  This is a “recipe” that Big D made for Ken and I one winter night at her house for an appetizer.  I love it any time of year, but outside in the summer is the best.



Beach Shrimp

2 pounds tail-on, shelled, deveined Shrimp uncooked
1 stick Butter
2 Lemons, sliced thin
Salt and Pepper

Preheat grill, or if using oven preheat to 375 degrees.

Using heavy-duty aluminum foil make a pan by using two layers of foil and rolling up all four edges to make a pan for the shrimp to go on the grill.

Lay the slices from one lemon on the bottom of the aluminum foil pan. Now spread the shrimp evenly over the lemon slices. Lay the slices from the second lemon over top of the shrimp. Cut stick of butter in to twelve pieces place the pieces of butter evenly over top of the shrimp and lemons. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to your liking.

Place aluminum foil pan on the grill, make sure heat is around 400 degrees if your grill has a temperature gauge. Cook shrimp on grill for approximately 10 minutes or until juices are bubbly and all the shrimp are pink.

Note: You can also make this in your oven and pretend you are at the beach 😉 by doing the same thing on a baking sheet in a 375 degree oven.  This way it can be summer all year round!!





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Happy Labor Day!

XOXO Sheila


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  1. First of all…. Congrats to your town for understanding the definition of summer: To me all schools should do as they did when I was a kid ~~> Summer starts with Memorial Day and ends with Labor Day!! Second, I totally relate to you…. I need my schedule and need some time alone each day to do my stuff…. I L O V E having my family home. But it also comes time to get things back on routine. So enjoy the last hurrah of summer…. and tomorrow when everyone has gotten off to school — enjoy an extra cup of coffee with a side of QUIET. 🙂 Hugs & Love my Friend!

    1. Well it’s state law in Michigan…unless you go to a private school, they all started 1-2 weeks ago. So here I sit, the house is painfully quiet, I have lists piled up of things to do. I think i will do none of it 😉 Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Loveya, Sheila

    1. I hear ya…wish you were closer we could share these poolside for lunch with a tiny cocktail ;)! I had a giant lump in my throat as my littlest walked away from the car this morning…ugh 5th grade..ma-baby! xo miss u 2! Sheila

  2. Sheila, thanks for giving me an idea for dinner. I’ll thaw my shrimp right now!! Love your recipes – so homey, so simple.

    1. Hello my sweet Friend!! So glad to help 😉 Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by. Mwaw xoxox Sheila

  3. Sheila, thanks for giving me a dinner idea – I’ll take the shrimp out of the freezer right now! Love your recipes – so homey, so simple!

  4. Amen! I am burned out too. This looks fantastic. I will be grilling this camping next summer!!

    1. Hopefully you will get some peace and quiet now that school has started! thanks for stopping by…and don’t wait till next summer to make this 😉 xoxo Sheila

  5. Oh, I am SO going to try this… I think I might add some minced garlic cloves to the mixture. Thanks for a great recipe! Even though it’s been abnormally (and most deliciously) cool in New England this summer, Labor Day doesn’t mean the end of outdoor cooking for us.
    I’m with ya on back to school, by the way…. my house clears out by 6:55AM, Doggy enjoys some extra time at the dog park, and this year… MiniMe – for the first time ever – takes the bus home from school! What I can’t bring myself to understand is how MiniMe is now in HIGH SCHOOL Wwwwwaaaaaahhhhhh…… Happy Back to School everyone!

    1. Yes by all means! I would too, but my husband does not enjoy garlic..only think I need to trade him in over 😉 Enjoy your peace and quiet!! xoxo Sheila

  6. I agree that if you’re going to have all summer off, then go back to school the day after Labor Day. I always did and I grew up just fine. 🙂

    Australia where I live now has year-round school with 2 weeks off every 6 weeks or so. People here like having lots of vacations. Everyone gets 30 days of vacation a year – I suppose that makes the difference.

    Love the beach shrimp!

    1. I love the year round school idea…they tried it in part of our district it didn’t take…; (

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