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a Storm, and TWO lists

Apparently thars a winter storm heading our way. Or the way of half of America, from the sounds of it. I rarely watch the weather, or the news. It’s all so down right depressing. The news that is.

The weather is just plain unpredictable. It’s the “lake effect” thing here in Michigan. The weather just goes and does crazy things when it comes across that big ol’ fresh water pond out there. So, yeah….like I was sayin’ I usually don’t bother worrying about the weather.
I think everybody else was doing enough worrying for the both of us. Jeepers Creepers you would have thought it was the return of the Storm from 1978….anyone else remember that storm? That fuzzy picture up there is me standing on a snowdrift on our road. I was wearing the latest fashions in navy and yellow snowmobile suits, accompanied by hand me down boots from my uncle.
It was certifiably a mad house in Meijers yesterday. Everybody and their brother were out, grabbing stuff, filling their carts.
While I was in the store I got to thinking that this coming Sunday is Super Bowl and what if we are snowed in and can’t get out to get groceries until after Super Bowl Sunday. Well then I needed to start thinking about what we might be eating on Sunday….even though it was only Monday!
See this is why I avoid the weather and the news because I tend to blow things out of proportion and I would be stocking up for 2012’s game day, if I let my mind do it’s own thing!
I hadn’t really planned on sharing a list of my favorite appetizers this week. Since it’s suppose to be my week of Valentines Day inspired food….but hey life happens. And this is my blog and I can deviate from my plan….right?
Here are a few of my easy, crowd pleasing appetizers, and a couple of my favorites from another site I happen to use alot.

Next week if you haven’t heard I have a WHOLE week of fantabulous GIVEAWAYS lined up. I am SO excited!
You have no idea. I am so excited I could hug somebody until their head popped off!!! Is that bad? Weird? Freaky…..OK forget I said that just know I am super excited to be giving away the following:
1. Something you might hang on your wall and something you wear while cooking. Both being in the theme of my favorite morning beverage.
2. Gold, Silver, Hip, Hot and super fun to wear.
3. The Greatest Love store every told…in the form of a book.
4. Having troubles to inviting your friends over for Super Bowl Sunday…well I think you might need this THING.
5. 12 delights that will make you say, ” OOhh-my-my I think I might die”.
Did you really think I was going to let the cat out of the bag on my GIVEAWAYS next week?
What do think I am a blabber mouth, a spoil sport, a party stomper?
I gave you some pretty good hints…if you know me or have been reading for a while you will probably guess them all.
OK ladies and gents…that’s all I got. I would love to know what you are fixing for Super Bowl Sunday. Feel free to link a recipe in the comments.
Remember it’s nice to share!
Now I am going to tame the wild Indians in my home. They are staging a SNOW DAY revolt!
Help Meh!

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  1. Can't wait for my book to come from Amazon! Thinking no lunch for us tomorrow :(. Have to reschedule. Your post is making me so hungry. I need to go to bed!

  2. Ooooh, I'm excited! I'm thinking something will be PW themed-perhaps that love story? 😉 Can't wait!

    Stay warm up in Michigan-I know we're getting our butts kicked in the Chicago burbs!

  3. When we went to the grocery last night, the shelves were BARE. I'm super proud of you for thinking ahead and getting your thoughts around the Super Bowl. These appetizers are awesome ideas!!!!