Blogs I Love!!

Fave Mitten Bloggers

He Fed/ She Fed ~ Culinary Adventures Together ~ I’ve had a few culinary adventures of my own with these two.  Restaurant review blog with other foodie musing mixed in.

The Lemon Bowl ~ Healthy made Delicious!  Liz is also a real life friend, living just close enough to be dangerous!

Karin Nelson Art ~ Karin and I are real life friends, I am blessed to have her in my life. Her art is amazing, but that’s just a bonus.

RedLetterWords blo~ Dee  another real life friend and a big reason I started blogging, you never know what an encouraging word to a friend will turn into.

The Hip Hostess ~ This lady makes my favorite aprons, if I’m in the kitchen I’m wearing one…and sometimes when I’m not. (pssst they have great pockets)

Tiny Paragraphs

Rachel Cooks

Thrifty Veggie Mamma

Crumbs & Chaos ~ Becca

Simply Scratch

The Chef Next Door

The Italian Dish

more extremely luverly Food Blogs

La Pomme De Portland ~ Carrie

Go Gingham ~ Sara

The Pioneer Woman ~ Ree

Seeded at the Table ~ Nikki

Reluctant Entertainer ~ Sandy

Dine & Dish ~ Kristen

Aggie’s Kitchen ~Aggie

Hill Country Cook ~Katie

wanna be a Country Cleaver ~Meghan

Climbing Grier Mountain ~ Lauren

Orgasmic Chef  ~ Maureen

Just a Taste ~ Kelly

Mountain Mama Cooks ~ Kelly

a Farmgirl’s dabbles ~ Brenda


more….Interesting Blogs

 Shauna~ author Shauna Niequist


I hesitated putting this page together, because I was afraid I would leave someone out, hurt someones feelings.  I hate to go to the bloggy roll page on blogs….then I get that Ugh I’m not on “the list” feeling.  I tried to include all my “real life” blogging friends, and blogs that I read on a weekly basis.  Honestly there are just too many really good blogs that I read, I’m sure I missed a few somebodies.  There are also so many really really good blogs that I don’t have time to read!  This list is not closed I will continue to add to  it as I meet new bloggers, and remember who I forgot 😉

Much love & happy reading!