Mediterranean Breakfast Tarts

This recipe is a great make ahead meal option for brunch, breakfast, or a light dinner. Mediterranean Breakfast Tarts are full of bright flavors and super adaptable!IMG_1497

We are a breakfast eating bunch around here!  Breakfast for breakfast, breakfast for lunch, breakfast for dinner, and even for a late night snack! These breakfast tarts are so easy, but look so fancy don’t you think?!  I’m thinking Mothers Day brunch…you might want to make this for your favorite motherly figure, or slip a link to your family…hint, hint.

Mediterranean Breakfast TartsThere is a tiny bit of prep, it can actually be done the night before.  Mix together feta cheese, onions, peppers, olives, and spices; store in refrigerator over night, thaw pastry dough in fridge over night, Voila, just a little assembly and you are good to go!


Mediterranean Breakfast TartsCut each sheet of pastry dough into four squares, pinch corners together like so (making a shallow box), fill with Mediterranean filling, bake for 10 minutes remove, brush pastry with egg white and water wash, crack an egg in the middle of your tart, return to the oven, and bake for another 10-12 minutes or until white of egg has set.


Mediterranean Breakfast TartsSprinkle with Greek seasoning, and chopped parsley and you are as good as gold!!


Mediterranean Breakfast TartsOh My My My….come to momma!  I put the leftovers in a zip loc bag, stored in fridge, and we ate them for lunch the next day!!  The egg was no longer runny but they were every bit as good!


Mediterranean Breakfast TartsPlease get creative with this recipe!!  Don’t like olives, leave them out.  Love olives?  Add more.  Chopped artichoke hearts would be divine!  More cheese would be nice.  I added some diced tomato on top of a few of the tarts.  I did not add tomato into the vegetable cheese mixture because I was afraid it would let off too much moisture and make the pastry soggy.  So if you want tomaters sprinkle them on the top before the second baking.


Mediterranean Breakfast TartsFork is suggested but not required!

Mediterranean Breakfast TartsAre you a breakfast anytime all the time kind of person(like us), or do you prefer your eggs only in the morning?  I’m thinking you need to give this little cheesy, egg brekky tart a try soon!  This weekend?  Sounds like a date!

What you up to this weekend?  We are finally getting some nice Spring weather here in Michigan, so I am hoping after Cece’s lacrosse game on Saturday morning we will be able to get some yard work done!  I hear tell that certain parts of the country might get a few snow flakes yet, oh golly I sure hope Michigan is done with the snow!

Have a good one! XO, Sheila



Disclaimer:  I am proud to be an ambassador for the United Dairy Industry of Michigan.  Thank you for helping support Eat2gather by supporting your local dairy farmers!  

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