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Turtle Sunday….how sweet it is!

I realize you don’t spell the ice cream sort of sundae, Sunday, but it was Sunday when I made them sooo…..well yeh, maybe you will understand.

I am however, notoriously, not very good with spelling….if you only knew…I have my dictionary..Scrabble and Websters at the ready and I thank the Lord above everyday for spell check!

What ever did we all do before spell check? Sometimes my spelling is so poor that even spell check cannot figure it out. I have a friend she is a living breathing dictionary….she won the Spelling Bee in 2nd grade. I was knocked out in the 1st round of course. I did not know her a that time, she had big brown eyes and boingy curls, like Shirley Temple. I was so jealous of those boingy curls. there I sat with my bad spelling and my bad bowl cut, with chopped bangs, cause I thought I could do better than my Aunt Marilyn could with the haircutting. So anyway…little did I know that day that Freida K. and I would someday become life long friends and our oldest boys would be two peas in a pod. Weird. That would have been just down right weird that day, during the 2nd grade Spelling Bee at Coopersville Elementary School, if I could have had a glimpse into the future. I would have never, ever, not on your life believed that Freida K speller extraordinaire would be my friend to this day!

One more thing about Freida, she loves ice cream. I got a funny story about a date she had once and ice cream, but if I told you it, I would have to kill you OR she would surely kill me! One or the other. I love ya Fred!

I am not sure if Freida loves Turtle Sundaes or not……my memory is going bad from all that toxic anti-perspirant….but no matter…

I love me a good Turtle Sundae…all salty and caramelly…oo-la-la. So here is how I make mine at home or if you happen to be in the Holland, Michigan area you really must stop in to a Captain Sundae.

The key to the BEST turtle sundae is to start with salty, buttery pecans…so you can start by making yourself some! They can be used right away or you can put them in a airtight container and store them in the fridge for a couple weeks.

1 cup of pecans

1/4 cup butter
kosher salt

Melt the butter in a small fry pan add the pecans and toss around 5 minutes or so, on low heat.

You want the pecans to soak up the butter and get all toasty…but you don’t want to burn the butter…STAND WATCH.

Now pour them out on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with salt 1/2 teaspoon or more if you like.

Oh my now that is a wonderful thing, right up there let me tell you!
OK the next thing you MUST have to make a the best Turtle Sundae ever is Butter Pecan Ice Cream….you can use vanilla…if that’s all you have, but if you want to make the BEST sundae then buy some Butter Pecan my friend!

I used to make my own sauces…but I found out Sanders does it better and it is SO much easier!
Sanders is a Detroit based company…they are famous for the Bumpy Cake…which I have never had. I hinted the whole time my sweet Seestor lived in Mo-town, but apparently she did not get my hint to bring one home! It’s OK I will forgive you…
Scoop a rather large scoop of ice cream in a dish, drizzle the caramel and milk chocolate toppings generously over the top…then add some pecans….

Then do it again….

Oh yes my friend this is the good life….

You can squirt some whip topping on there and top it with a cherry, but I guess I’m a Turtle Sundae purest. I like it just so. (sigh, smack, drool) Is 1pm on a Monday too early for a sundae?

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Goodness gracious! I just started my diet again, and unless I plan on spending 3 hours on the treadmill running an 8 minute mile (which for the life of me I cannot do), then I cannot have this sundae right now. Although, yesterday was sundae sunday at my house too. My husband would love these, so I will have to try it out one day.

  2. That is funny – when I saw the Saunder's sundae toppings on your counter I thought to myself, "DANG! you gotta bring one of those stinkin' Bumpy Cakes home next time in the D!!" But I didn't say anything in hopes that you had forgotten. I should know better by now, us Fritz girls never forget a promise that involves food!! Love you!