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***UPDATE*** Prayers are being answered! I received news this evening that the homes of my relatives were spared!!! Hallelujah! My great uncle is still hospitalized, but is off the critical list. My cousin, who at first we had heard had multiple leg fractures….but after finally receiving an X-ray was told she has no broken bones, just really banged up. Praise God. I am so thankful they have homes to return to. But so many do not. The wheels are in motion to HELP in a big way. I will keep you posted! I would not want you to miss out on how YOU could help Joplin. I cannot give thanks enough your outpouring of kindness and concern.

First of all I just need to say….. THANK YOU! Bless you all for the out pouring of concern and prayer for my family, in Joplin, Missouri. I am not a news watcher so when I saw Kristens status on facebook I GASPED, because this is what I saw. I called my mom, who lives in Florida, she had also not heard the news…this set us on a trail of phone calls to find out the scoop.

Here’s whole scoop, or what I know of the scoop anyway. Brief background…..my maternal Grandfather grew up in Carthage, Missouri which is a neighboring town to Joplin. The man bled Missouri. He loved his childhood home, but he loved my Grandmother more and after meeting in the Marines during WWII they moved back to her home town of Grand Rapids, Mi. My Grandfathers whole family besides one brother remained in Missouri. (7 siblings) The family has spread out over the years. Many are in the Jefferson City area and then of course Carthage and Joplin areas too. We used to visit often as kids, and they would come to Michigan every summer. But as the years trudge forward the ties that bound us all together, my Grandfather and his siblings, have died or gotten older. The cousins have not been very good at keeping in touch, or visiting each other.
Until now…………

My Grandfather was the oldest son. He’s the dapper one in the sweater.
At this point, I am getting all information via my mom. My Great Aunt Dorothy, was 96, and in the nursing home that was hit. She did not survive. My Uncle Dub was found buried under rubble and is hospitalized. My mom’s cousin their daughter was also buried in rubble, but had her cell phone and had enough whits about her to call for help, and talk them to her. She is in hospitalized with multiple leg injuries. As far as I know they lost their homes, and all their possessions….that is not confirmed, that is how the news has trickled down to us. I contacted a cousin, but have not heard back. Cousin if you are reading….I’d like to hear from you Luv. What can we do? I know some of you, readers, facebook friends, twitter followers, have wanted to help monetarily. I am inquiring about that. So I will let you know, as soon as I know and then I will set up an account.
Yesterday I felt so helpless. So frustrated that we haven’t kept in better touch. How does this happen? So what does one do, or should I say, what do I do when I don’t know what else to do? I bake, and pray……I also pulled some weeds. It was therapeutic.
Cookie anyone?

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

My son says these are the best cookies ever. All I know is they helped this gal get through the day yesterday.

Hugs, I can’t thank you enough….I will keep ya’ll updated as to how we can help.
Love you all!

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  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your Great Aunt Dorothy. We are praying for your family and all the people of Joplin. Thank you for your efforts to help this community that you have such a special connection with.

    Not that Anonymous

  2. I am so sorry for your family and I am praying for them and will continue to do so.
    I am like yourself and when i feel helpless I cook or bake. It is all i know to do! I am with you girl in heart and spirit.

  3. Sheila…my heart breaks for your family. How did I miss this??? I am praying for complete recovery of your cousin and uncle! Praise God the house has been spared!!! I am so sorry about the loss of your Great Aunt Dorthy. WoW, 96! I will continue to pray.

  4. So very sorry for your loss. I'm in Denver now but from St Louis and have relatives near Joplin and felt fortunate that they all escaped the devastation of the storms in those areas so it especially difficult reading how hard this has hit your family. I may not live there now but I am a Missouri girl and this news is heartbreaking to hear; my thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Prayers and love are with you and your family Friend.

  6. I am so very sory for the loss that your family is going through. I wish that there was more I could do for you but for now you have my shoulders if you need them. All my Love

  7. Sheila – I'm very sorry for your loss and the loss for your entire family. I heard about it through Debra of Smith Bites.

    Please do keep us updates, we want to help.