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A few of my favorite things….

Parties, people, eating, celebrating! I LIVE for these times. I stay awake at night thinking of how much fun I’m gonna have with these people. Hoping and praying that you too are having a amazing party! Here are some of my Christmas highlights…………

Christmas Eve Fondue party 2009

Lunch at the Green Well, my favorite restaurant with my some of my favorite Ladies!

THE birthday girls…..can you believe we are ALL under 30? AMAZING!

Degage’ -delivering Christmas goodies with some of the most awesome kids on the planet!

OOOh, who are these angels? Look how little they were….now they’re all big and stinky!

LIFEChurch Christmas fellowship! You people are awesome, amazing, super, spectaculaR, and stupendous!!! Thanks for all your hard work Life Serve Teams!

“We wisssshhhh YOU a Meeerrry Christmas, WEEEE wishhh YOU a Merry Christmas, We wishh You a Merry Chrisssstmasss AND a Happeeee New Year!”! Caroling with Friends!

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  1. Oh, I so love getting to take a peak @ all your pictures. Thanks for sharing. I hope your fondue party was awesome and your birthday lunch a special time! I so wish you the happiest Christmas every with your beauties!