Potential snow days are apparently a HUGE motivator to me. I guess I need to work something out with our local meteorologist to forecast a gigantic storm every week. One that threatens to shut down the city and then and only then will I be able to accomplish nearly all my Christmas shopping, all my […]

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Chicago is my Friend

Have I said “I love Chicago?”. Did I tell you that Chicago is the beast? Has anyone ever told you how much I like to visit the windy city? NO?!!!! Well I have only been there three times in the last three weeks, so go figure! There is some goooood eatin in that town, I […]

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Comfort FOOD

I don’t really have much to say. Or I guess I should re word that, because I have alot to say, I am just to lazy to write it all down write now. But I do want to share with you a yummy dinner I made this week. Shepherds Pie! Yummy, yummy, yummy feels so […]

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So sorry, I have to do a part four. I just had to share with you that me, and Dee made it on the Pioneer Woman’s “so thankful” post on Thanksgiving Day! My, my, my, its a good thing I was sitting down when I spotted us right there…. well I had to kinda look…. […]

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THANKSgiving EarlY

Aren’t the lil’ Pilgrims cute? My sister and I both have a set. I love um, I usually have to give um a little hug, and pinch their cheekies. Then I play with them a lot during the meal. Make them kiss, lay them down (they passed out from to much tryptophan), and they even […]

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PW part III

Phew! Okay, it was getting hot in there, there are about 50 of us jammed in to a little seating area and another 200 standing around waiting. The Barnes&Nobles chick has announced the rules for the 6th time. Then finally, she announced “with out further ado, Ree Drummond……..” Squeals, and giggles, gasps, cameras flashing where […]

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