Baked Apple Pancake

Good Mornin’! You are looking bright eyed and bushy tailed today! Need some bacon? We have a few “traditions” around our home. One being, Saturday mornings are bacon mornings, and then of course some other delicious breakfast accompaniment. Cereal and toast and that sort of thing are reserved for school days. You can read more […]

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Same old story different week. I am always missin out on something and then scrambling to catch up. I did not know about pie week… wasn’t on my radar. Maybe it was because I was too busy taking orders for pies, for a fundraiser, and planning out the strategy of baking fifty some pies in […]

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Apple Butter- homemade GIFTS

Apple Butter…….mmm-hhmmm yummy. You have no idea how delicious Apple Butter makes your house smell while it’s cooking. Even the next day it smells like you are baking a pie. This Apple Butter recipe is fabulous. You will need to set aside a chunk of time, but basically it’s super easy. It just needs to […]

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Beer Bread ~ homemade gifts ideas


Are you thinking about Thanksgiving Dinner or are you thinking about Christmas shopping? Or maybe both! Have you started your Christmas shopping? YOU’RE DONE!? Flibbo-me-jibbos! OK no you are not….you haven’t started….good me neither. I love Christmas, I love to give gifts! I love it when I find the perfect somethin’. I especially like to […]

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reluctant entertainer WINNER!

Heather Nesbit is the winner of a signed copy of the Reluctant Entertainer by Sandy Coughlin. I am so excited for you to get this book in your hands! My contact information is in my profile shoot me an email Heather, my frand, with your mailing address and I will send you your copy faster […]

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the Reluctant Entertainer GIVEAWAY

Would you consider yourself someone who enjoys entertaining in your home? Or would you rather be a guest in someone elses home? Are you envious of people who make entertaining seem easy? Do you make excuses as to why you never have anyone over? Are you putting way too much pressure on yourself?! I have […]

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baking BATTLE scars

I have been working in my kitchen all week. I baked most of the day Monday for some lovely people. Yesterday I baked for a friend who is having an event in her home. Then next week I have all kinds a goodies up my sleeve, plus I will be psyching myself up to bake […]

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Bacon & Boursin Pork Chops

This combination of ingredients came to me while I was standing at my fridge with the door open staring at the over abundance of Boursin cheese and the plastic container full of canned peaches that needed to be gone from my life. And bacon who is always looking out at me from my fridge with […]

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Chicken Divan

Lemon is one of my favorite flavors to pair with chicken. This recipe also includes curry sending this to the the top of my comfort food list. This is one of the dinners that I make in a pinch. The recipe’s in my head and I know everyone will eat it, without complaint. Double bonus! […]

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Don’t tell me you’ve never tried it…..

I know the exact time and place I first tried it. I was a junior decorating for the Senior Prom. I was hooked. I couldn’t help myself. I just took a little drag, when I heard the whine of my voice coming forth from my body and it sounded like Smurfette I was hooked. La-la […]

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