Pampered Chef GIVEAWAY!

Because it’s Cyber Monday I am giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to Pampered Chef! So you can carry on with your online shopping on Wednesday if you find yourself a WINNER! I personally think you are all winners, but I mean a winner of this gift certificate! I love pampered Chef. Everything that I […]

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CYBER monday

I made it through yet another Black Friday with out shopping. I steer clear of the mall the day after Thanksgiving, I’m usually still washing dishes and staggering around from my pie hangover. And truth be told I am not a fan of crowds. Unless I’m waiting in line for a cookbook to be signed […]

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Shepherds Pie-Thanksgiving Day Leftovers

Shepherd Pie is one of my families favorite meals. It’s easy, comforting and it’s a great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes from say….. Thanksgiving. The first time I ever tasted this pie was on our Honeymoon. We were at a brewery in Burlington, Vermont. It was so delicious that when we returned home […]

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Rascally Pilgrims

“Here we are again Ma” “Yes, here we are….(sigh)” “How long you think until the vittles start arriving before us?” “Not long Pa, not long…I can smell something cooking” “Mmmm, I knew it was nearing time….the Cranberry Relish is always first to the table.” “Smells so good ma…(snnnifff) aaahhhh” “Pa did you just stick your […]

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Cranberry Relish


As a kid I never touched the cranberry sauce. It was always plopped out on a plate and laid sideways to do a jelly dance. I must have been forced to try it at some point because I have the memory of my eyeballs rolling back in my head and my tongue shrinking inside my […]

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HOMEmade gifts- GRANOLA

Homemade Granola makes for a wonderful gift. It’s easy to make and it’s a great snack or can be eaten for breakfast in a number of ways. Granola is also easy to personalize to your taste or the taste of the person you are giving it to. And very easy to make with your children, […]

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Baked Apple Pancake

Good Mornin’! You are looking bright eyed and bushy tailed today! Need some bacon? We have a few “traditions” around our home. One being, Saturday mornings are bacon mornings, and then of course some other delicious breakfast accompaniment. Cereal and toast and that sort of thing are reserved for school days. You can read more […]

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Same old story different week. I am always missin out on something and then scrambling to catch up. I did not know about pie week… wasn’t on my radar. Maybe it was because I was too busy taking orders for pies, for a fundraiser, and planning out the strategy of baking fifty some pies in […]

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Apple Butter- homemade GIFTS

Apple Butter…….mmm-hhmmm yummy. You have no idea how delicious Apple Butter makes your house smell while it’s cooking. Even the next day it smells like you are baking a pie. This Apple Butter recipe is fabulous. You will need to set aside a chunk of time, but basically it’s super easy. It just needs to […]

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Beer Bread ~ homemade gifts ideas


Are you thinking about Thanksgiving Dinner or are you thinking about Christmas shopping? Or maybe both! Have you started your Christmas shopping? YOU’RE DONE!? Flibbo-me-jibbos! OK no you are not….you haven’t started….good me neither. I love Christmas, I love to give gifts! I love it when I find the perfect somethin’. I especially like to […]

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