Bacon & Boursin Pork Chops

This combination of ingredients came to me while I was standing at my fridge with the door open staring at the over abundance of Boursin cheese and the plastic container full of canned peaches that needed to be gone from my life. And bacon who is always looking out at me from my fridge with […]

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Chicken Divan

Lemon is one of my favorite flavors to pair with chicken. This recipe also includes curry sending this to the the top of my comfort food list. This is one of the dinners that I make in a pinch. The recipe’s in my head and I know everyone will eat it, without complaint. Double bonus! […]

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Don’t tell me you’ve never tried it…..

I know the exact time and place I first tried it. I was a junior decorating for the Senior Prom. I was hooked. I couldn’t help myself. I just took a little drag, when I heard the whine of my voice coming forth from my body and it sounded like Smurfette I was hooked. La-la […]

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Hello, Good Friday mornin’ to ya! Making some minor changes for now……around here. So please excuse the mess, or whatever else you find, that seems odd or unusual. Actually I am not making the changes Jennisa at Once Upon a Blog is making the changes. Thank goodness for Jennisa! Everyone say THANK YOU JEN-N-I-SAAA! Have […]

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AVOCADO picture

I admired this painting for so long. Isn’t it beautiful? I love it! I love the way avocados look when you first cut them open, the smooth limey green fruit against the dark bumpy textured skin, with the mahogany colored seed in the middle. My good friend Karin Nelson painted this with oils. She is […]

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Toll House Cookie Pie

My Aunt Flo is in town. She arrived Saturday. She zaps the ever lovin’ life out of me. I think she is leaving Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. Who is this women I call Aunt Flo, you ask. Aunt Flo is the affectionate nick name for my DOT….my monthly friend…. or you could say my menstrual cycle […]

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the HAMBURGER HUNT continues

Do you remember way, way, …..way back in May when I embarked on my search for the areas best hamburger? Well I did, if you don’t remember or you have come on board since then you can read about it here. I have still been searching. I just keep forgetting to tell you about what […]

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Sauerbraten part II

My recipe notebook with all kinds of recipes jotted down from my host-sister, neighbors, and friends. 1988…..sheesh some of you were probably still wearing diapers back in 1988. I don’t want to know who you are….cause my hip is already aching today making me feel old, I don’t need to get it from you too! […]

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SPAETZLE and other easy sides

Spaetzle, spaetzle, spaetzle….say that three times fast. Spaetzle is a traditional German noodle. When I lived in Germany, I actually was sent over to Oma’s house for the afternoon after school one day to get a spaetzle making lesson by my spitfire of a German host grandmother. This woman was memorable, and lovable…and she taught […]

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The above buttons would be three ways I would describe myself. In fact, I think I might wear them right across my chest for a week or two proclaiming to the world that I am an up beat, sleep deprived numb skull. Not necessarily in that order. I’m addicted to these wacky buttons. Or do […]

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