blueberry PIE me OH my!

It is blueberry season in Michigan. I did a little blueberry research. Apparently, I have been taking something for granted….and it’s not Lake Michigan. It’s the fact that I have lived in the midst of the nations largest blueberry crops my whole life and didn’t even know it! YES it’s true…I knew that there were […]

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cheesy FRENCH bread

Brace yourselves! Thanks to a bloggy friend of mine I think that I have mastered the art of printable recipes!! Ashley you rock! I think I could be Ashley’s mama, so I had to ask her to help this old lady with some web techniques. I swear, I just DO not have the time to […]

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interview with CHARLIE

I can hardly believe that it has been almost three weeks since my visit to The Pioneer Womans Ranch. If it weren’t for the 1000′s pictures that I have been sorting through (that is all of our pictures….we shared….it’s nice to share) and my P-Dub t-shirt hanging in my closet I might have thought is […]

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BBQ ribs


These would be the spices I use to make the rub for my BBQ ribs. My kiddos love ribs. I need to make them more, not sure why I don’t…… Note to self….make BBQ ribs more. This would be the secret weapon in my rib rub. Although it’s really not that surprising, and now that […]

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We just got home from camping and I went to toss some papers and about up-chucked. I guess it takes being away for a few days to notice da-funk in your home. The nasty things that maybe go unnoticed when your family has been going break neck spead for a few months. Or maybe while […]

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Summer in the FAST lane

Can busy and relaxing be in the same sentence? I am having a biz-laxing time. My summer is very relaxingly busy? I have been able to read two books, that qualifies as relaxing (Water for Elephants and Same Kind of Different as Me)…. Gone to P-Dubs Ranch with my peeps, gone away with my husband […]

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COWGIRL dinner par-TAY!

Here she come….Ree is on her way. Scurry, scuttle, look busy. Like we haven’t been waiting or anticipating our first meal/cooking experience with Ree for months. We weren’t excited or anything. The Lodge sits on a bluff, up high, so you can look out over the Drummond land. We could see Ree’s house off in […]

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peanut BUTTER picnic cake

Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you…. I have been working hard on getting my weekend at the Ranch all documented for your reading pleasure. But amongst other distracting family matters this week I had these put on my teeth OUCH! in a word OUCH! did I say OUCH! dang. I have had them on […]

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well HELLO cowboy!

We had arrived…and it was real. Not a freaky dream I had dreamed up in my head. We were really on Ree Drummond’s ranch for the weekend. I don’t think I was the only one that was a little bit star struck, but the look on my friends face here, I am thinking that we […]

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Lodge Sandwich

I wanted to call it the Reewich, as in yummy sandwich made at Ree’s Place, but written it didn’t look right. Looked like I was calling Ree a witch. YIKES! That she is certainly NOT. I thought I should share it with you in case you get hungry while you are waiting for me to […]

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