WINNERS of The Pioneer Woman Cooks and CUTE aprons are…..

WoooHOOOO! Are you ready? Drum roll…pleeeezee. Thank you drummer boy! The winners of the Pioneer Woman Cooks signed cookbooks and aprons are: #1 Cookbook & Cowgirl Apron the Segard Family said… We will be snowboarding in Colorado!! December 20, 2010 9:24 AM #2 Cookbook &Christmas Apron SarahinSC said… Awesome giveaway! I’ll be spending Christmas with […]

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The Pioneer Woman COOKS- GIVEAWAY!!!

Because Christmas is less than a week away.. Because I fed lots of people today…. Because I used this cookbook to feed the crowd….. Because Elvis stopped by and sang “Hound Dawg” real loud…… Because I love this lady, and her Hound Dawggy…….. And it’s almost my Birthday…… and my Mom made these cute Frocks! […]

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Johns Special Egg Nog Cocktail


Here’s a must for your next Christmas Party! Isn’t that beautiful and festive? This is the first time I have posted an alcoholic beverage recipe on my blog. I like to try and keep things family friendly and all, but this special Holiday drink was one I couldn’t keep to myself. Remember a couple weeks […]

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Festive FETA Dip!

Hold on to your hats. This dip is so easy and festive it’s going to blow you away. It’s so easy that I nearly forgot about it! Big D had to send me an email and say “HEY! what about the Feta Dip. Dorko!” She really didn’t say dorko, but I bet she was thinkin’ […]

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OLD SCHOOL appetizers


Every get together when I was growing up included these two appetizers. I actually forgot about the pickle variety until this Thanksgiving when my sweet Seestor revived them for our pre-dinner snack fest. We’ve never had a name for them. I think we just called them “onion thingys”, or “pickle and ham thingy’s”, cause we […]

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Pizza, who doesn’t like pizza? Oh oops I mean flatbreads. Flatbread sounds hipper, saying flatsbread instead of pizza is nouveau. I like to think I’m with it. (“Like to think” is the key phrase there.) Anyway what could be better than serving every ones favorite as an appetizer. And you can adjust the type of […]

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BRUSCHETTA stuffed MUSHROOMS- an appAteaser

I love stuffed mushrooms of any sort, and I love bruschetta. So what better than a mushroom stuffed with bruschetta! You can whip these babies up at a moments notice. Literally! I prefer the smaller white button mushrooms. Feel free to use the larger variety. I just like to be able to pop them in […]

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Hors d’oeuvres = Appetizers Meatballs


In our home we say appetizer, what we mean by that is snacks…small plates..informal type pre-dinner food. We also have many juvenile sayings that we use. App-a-teasers, whores-De-vores, ors-DA-voo-vray’s (Someone, whom I cannot mention said it this way once, and we laugh about it to this day…because they were as serious as a heat attack […]

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Triple Chocolate Pound Cake

Oh Golly some of your comments brought tears to my eyes and left a large lump in my throat. Life is so hard at times. We gotta keep on keepin’ on. Looking for the opportunity to give glory to God for what he is going to do with each day, bitter or sweet. If you […]

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Bittersweet- GIVEAWAY and book review

Author and foodie Shauna Niequist has graciously given me a signed copy of her new book Bittersweet to giveaway to one of my readers! I just don’t know where to start. Bittersweet is Shauna’s second book….I loved her first book Cold Tangerines, and was anxiously awaiting this book. Bittersweet really struck a cord in me, […]

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