keepin’ it REAL- I’m a classy chik

This week I just feel like I should reveal a few things about myself to all of you. Just in case you had the wrong idea about who I am. tap, tap tap,tap,tap Oh! Hello…Hi… there you are, erhmmm…. So as I was saying….I didn’t want anyone to think I am something I am not. […]

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paquet de CHOCOLATS

This package arrived, this summer, ten minutes before we were to leave on vacation for a week. It was a good sized box. It was from France. From my sister Kraut. You didn’t know I had a sister named Kraut? Well that’s not her real name, but that’s what I call her, and a few […]

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Hawaiian Burgers

Remember the search for the Best Burger in West Michigan that I was doing? Did you think that I totally ditched it? I didn’t. Life just got in the way, and I had to put it on the back burner. I did eat my share of fantastic burgers this summer, which I need to share […]

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Do you have a minute? You might want to grab yourself a cup of tea… My baby, she’s eight, she went back to school this week. All my kids did but really who cares about them, I am just worried about my baby. I can’t believe she is going in to second grade already! I […]

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A day in the life….

This my friends is Smitty. Smitty is my sons guinea pig. Smitty has very big…um er um well lets just say Smitty is well endowed. We had no problems telling this little creature was a male. Have I told you I am not a fan of animals? I really am not. I tolerate them. And […]

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Roasted Tomato Basil SOUP

Yes, this is my daughter hiding behind a bush of Basil…why ever is she hiding…you ask. Well, actually she was sniffing her brains out. It smelled so absolutely, positively divine. It ended up I had to pry her dirty, half polish chipped off twelve year old hands of my basil, so I could wash it […]

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cheesy TOAST

I hope you are able to get your hands on English Muffin Bread where ever you may be. I just have to tell you though that the worlds best English Muffin Bread is at Van’s Pastry Shoppe in Grand Rapids, Mi. They use the flour from Cholmondley’s flour mill. So they use the bags from […]

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saucepan BROWNIES

The last weekend of summer. I always get all weird over Labor Day weekend. Feeling like I want to make the most of the last weekend of Summer for me and my family, and it is always Kenny’s Birthday over this weekend. Which pretty much stinks, because I NEVER, I mean never every know what […]

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roasting tomaTOES

Finally, my maters are ripening up. I planted three tomato plants this year along with some herbs. The plants have a large amount of fruit on them…but they have been slow to turn red. One of my favorite ways to eat tomatoes is roasted. MMmmm..mmm.mmm..mmM! You can do so much with them. once you have […]

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sorry…one LAST thing

I promise this is IT there ain’t no more. I had somebody say to me the other day…”your blog is kinda all about the Pioneer Woman, isn’t it?”……I like to think it’s more about what I enjoy: encouraging others (hopefully), sharing my FOOD, and sharing my life experiences, which Ree Drummund fortunately has become part […]

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