mini WEDGE salad

I love a Wedge Salad. It’s a mountain of cool, crisp, goodness. Too often however if I order one in a restaurant it’s just plain too much salad! I either eat it all and then am overly full when my meal comes, or I end up leaving half a salad on my plate…feeling wasteful. I […]

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how to throw a Cowgirl Dinner ParTAY!

I don’t know about you, but for me a good ol’ fashioned partAy always does this girl some good! Girls only. Plenty of scrumptious food. And a game or two to mix it up! I am up for a girls night out anytime of year, but my soul craves one in the dead of winter. […]

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Chicken Fontinella revisited

I shared this recipe back in July. I think it’s worth sharing again. It’s easy to prepare. It’s cheesy, creamy, flavor is comforting. The spinach adds much needed vitamin C and iron this time of year. Now don’t write this one off because it’s full of spinach…..”my kids will never eat that!”. Do they need […]

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You have to make these MUSHROOMS!

Tomorrow I am hosting my Cowgirl Dinner Party , for all my Cowgals! Actually, none of my gals have cows. We have cows on our property….but they are not ours, so I don’t really qualify as a Cowgirl either. I threw the party last year when I was cooking and blogging through The Pioneer Woman […]

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Luckily, very few people read my blog, and those of you who do hopefully will forgive me. Because WHATDOYAKNOW! It’s not Fat Tuesday! I’m a very large DorkenSchmorken. Thats German for dizzy lady. Not really but in my everyday German speech it is. Yes I have my own little German dialect that I have come […]

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Fat Tuesday

It’s Fat Tuesday. Every Tuesday feels like fat Tuesday for me….and fat Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday…then I take Sunday off. Sorry. Was that sacrilegious? Today is the day before Ash Wednesday. The beginning of the Lenten Season…the period, in the liturgical year, leading up to Easter. I grew up in the Catholic faith. Please don’t […]

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roadTRIP continued

Walking around campus of Miami University. Well it’s been quite a day. We started it out in Oxford. Where we stayed the night after Kenny showing us all old haunts and former residences while in college. We ate pizza at Bruno’s and bought t-shirts at the bookstore, and ended the night out at BTOyogurt! We […]

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On the road again, I can’t wait to be on the road again, the life I love is being stuck in a mini van with my kids…I can’t wait to be on the road again! Truly, I love being on the road with my family. As you can see they are all engrossed in the […]

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Soup-a-palooza couldn’t have landed on a better day! After a crazy weekend of driving all over in horrible weather and then the last two days spent in Med Centers or Dr. offices because my son did a number on his arm snowboarding. I am ready for a warm bowl of soup, my blankie, and a […]

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CUPCAKES!!!! giveaway from CupCakes by Design

One DOZEN Cupcakes from Cupcakes by Design!! Can you say, “Come to Mama!”? Oh my this is your lucky Valnetines Day…..Jeremy and Cheryl!!! Jeremy and Cheryl said… I would love something chocolate, dripping in carmel. Like a caremello candy bar! I’m posting on FB too I loved hearing what your favorite flavor would be. Made […]

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