CUPCAKES!!!! giveaway from CupCakes by Design

This is IT the GRAND finale! CupCake by Design is giving away ONE DOZEN cupcakes to a lucky winner!!!! The only catch is you have to be in the greater Grand Rapids area. Or you could just all move to my town, cause these cupcakes are seriously good enough to move to MISH-i-GAN for!!!! But […]

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a GIVEAWAY from The Reluctant Entertainer

It’s Day 5 in my “Week of LUV”! Sandy Coughlin is giving away a signed copy of her book The Reluctant Entertainer! I am so excited! It was hard to wait until today to share this giveaway with you!!!! After the responses I received the first time that I shared Sandy’s book with you, I […]

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I LOVE coffee. I always have loved coffee. I can remember as a little Whipper Snapper going around the table after big family dinners, when all the adults were sitting around yacking and drinking coffee, I’d ask for a sips of everyones coffee. My Grandpa used to tell me it would stunt my growth. Which […]

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The Love Story of the century & a GIVEAWAY!!!

(Sing to the tune of the Brady Bunch Theme Song….not that there is any connection in any way what-so-ever to Carol and Mike) Here’s a story of a purdy Lady. Who was doin just fine on her own. Then one day she made a pit stop, back in her home town. Here’s a story of […]

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Nestle…Bake some LOVE WINNER!

Fran you are the Winner of the Nestle Toll House Cookie Tin and assorted coupons and freebies! Wahoo! Fran said: I love to bake muffins for my sweeties. Most especially because my 3 year old says, ” Mommy, dese are the best fings ever!” Oh my goodness….I just wanna pinch the cheekies of your 3 […]

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JUICY Christians Jewelry GIVEAWAY!!!!

Juicy Christians …….express your faith in style My heart is just a thumpin’, because I am so excited to share Juicy Christians Jewelry with you! I LOVE this jewelry. My Juicy Christians Jewelry pieces are the most worn pieces in my jewelry box! Nathifa is so creative and her love of the Lord radiates through […]

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Week of LUV…. begins!

THIS IS IT!!! It’s finally here. The week I have been waiting for. A week FULL of Giveaways! ONE giveaway a day ALL week long! To show YOU ALL how much I LUV Ya! I’m so excited if I could do a back flip I would. Instead I think I will just skip around my […]

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Chicken Pot Pie…so yummy in my tummy!

Welcome to Saturday Swap hosted by Kim at Quit Eating Out. Thanks Kim! I thought keeping in the theme of my “food of love” week, I would share one of my families favorite comfort foods, Chicken Pot Pie. It’s chocked full of juicy chicken and vegetables. I have made Chicken Pot Pie for…..well…forever. My family […]

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White Hot Chocolate….it’s a REAL treat!

A few inches of snow landed here in West Michigan! Yes-sirreee. Today is the second day off school. I love snow days. The kids played outside all day. The dog recieved some much needed attention…see he’s playing King of the Doggy Mountain. And I kept the hot chocolate and snacks replenished. Ah, to be young […]

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LUSH Dessert

Lush Dessert

Now back to my regularly scheduled pre-Valentines Day program…… This dessert is nothing short of dreamy. The perfect treat for those you love. Lush Dessert will cause your taste buds to do the Macarena. It’s heavenly. OK now that I have totally built this dessert up to be the greatest thing next to sliced bread, […]

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