FAMILY night

It’s nearing the middle of March. My heads going to mush right along with my middle. Oh I long for a nice hot day, or even just a day I can take our dog for a walk with out freezing a lung. I’m not one to push my kids outside…if they are reading or doing […]

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Puppy CHOW

Puppy Chow is a treat that does not last around here. It’s addicting. If it’s in the house, it calls my name, until eventually I just leave the lid off the container and nibble on it all day. Oh that is so not good, for the waistline. We have some friends that have declared themselves […]

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a Hint…..

I have put out a few hints that change is a comin’. Yesterday I put out a larger hint, when I shared, on Facebook, a photo shoot that took place in my kitchen on Wednesday. Eventually Strawberry Cake will be no more. Sigh. Snort Sniff. Tap tap tap…hello are you still there? Phwew…Ok good. I […]

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Paczki! & Hairballs

This bakery was on the top of my “todo” list for today. It is finally Fat Tuesday today. As many of you know I was a bit over eager in my preparations for the Lenten Season. If you missed my over eagerness you can go back here and check it out. (Then if you have […]

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mini WEDGE salad

I love a Wedge Salad. It’s a mountain of cool, crisp, goodness. Too often however if I order one in a restaurant it’s just plain too much salad! I either eat it all and then am overly full when my meal comes, or I end up leaving half a salad on my plate…feeling wasteful. I […]

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how to throw a Cowgirl Dinner ParTAY!

I don’t know about you, but for me a good ol’ fashioned partAy always does this girl some good! Girls only. Plenty of scrumptious food. And a game or two to mix it up! I am up for a girls night out anytime of year, but my soul craves one in the dead of winter. […]

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Chicken Fontinella revisited


I shared this recipe back in July. I think it’s worth sharing again. It’s easy to prepare. It’s cheesy, creamy, flavor is comforting. The spinach adds much needed vitamin C and iron this time of year. Now don’t write this one off because it’s full of spinach…..”my kids will never eat that!”. Do they need […]

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You have to make these MUSHROOMS!

Tomorrow I am hosting my Cowgirl Dinner Party , for all my Cowgals! Actually, none of my gals have cows. We have cows on our property….but they are not ours, so I don’t really qualify as a Cowgirl either. I threw the party last year when I was cooking and blogging through The Pioneer Woman […]

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Luckily, very few people read my blog, and those of you who do hopefully will forgive me. Because WHATDOYAKNOW! It’s not Fat Tuesday! I’m a very large DorkenSchmorken. Thats German for dizzy lady. Not really but in my everyday German speech it is. Yes I have my own little German dialect that I have come […]

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Fat Tuesday

It’s Fat Tuesday. Every Tuesday feels like fat Tuesday for me….and fat Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday…then I take Sunday off. Sorry. Was that sacrilegious? Today is the day before Ash Wednesday. The beginning of the Lenten Season…the period, in the liturgical year, leading up to Easter. I grew up in the Catholic faith. Please don’t […]

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