kitchen ENVY

I keep blah blahing about our vacation at Lake Michigan sorry…I won’t dwell on it too long. Other than to say that while we were at the cottage rental…it reminded me of how fantastic the kitchen at the Lodge was when I got to visit Ree Drummund in June. So now I will blah blah […]

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HEART of palm salad

Last week we spent a week on the beach at a cottage on Lake Michigan, the “BIG” lake, “THE lake”. If you are a Michigander from the West side, and someone says they are going to “the lake”, you know they mean Lake Michigan. There are a bAzillion lakes in this state….well maybe a half […]

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lifes a BEACH!

Life is rough. I am telling you all the sun and sand is just wearing me out. Just kiddin’…… I could live here, I could totally stay here, and never go back to my semi-suburban life. I brought my food processor what more could I need? I brought my iron skillet too, so I got […]

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Mozz and TOmaters

For the past four years we have rented a cottage during the summer, for a week, with our good friends the Fribergs (Big D). We have yet to rent to same place twice…but I think this year we finally found a winner. It’s fabulous, it’s directly on Lake Michigan. I could tell you more but […]

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Chicken FontiNELLA

I always let my kiddos dictate what they want to eat on their birthday. “Breakfast, lunch and dinner.They are allowed to bark out orders. “French Breakfast Puffs for breakfast!”, “Hot dogs for LUNCH”, “and chicken with ham chunks and that rice with black specks in it for DINNER”.I slap my heals together, wiggle my nose, […]

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Today is our fourth childs eighth birthday. Eight years ago today a beautiful amazing child was born hours away from the woman she would call mama. Kinda of a strange thought, that you could just be goin along with your day…and your child is born somewhere…and you don’t even know it. Takes my breath away…. […]

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LOOK AT THAT, just look at how fabulous that is! I headed on down to the farmers market in downtown Grand Rapids this morning…with Big D…bright and early. It was raining…but it was still the best. I LOVE the farmers market, I could kiss it, hug it, and dance down the center of it. But […]

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Curry Chicken Salad & a LIST

What is today anyway??? My husband took our third child on their “father/son talk” trip this week. They went to Hershey PA, and Gettysburg. So, I have felt a little off with being down two persons in our household…keep thinking I am forgetting something or someone….which I most likely am. Phone call at 9:15. “HI […]

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Turtle Sunday….how sweet it is!

I realize you don’t spell the ice cream sort of sundae, Sunday, but it was Sunday when I made them sooo…..well yeh, maybe you will understand. I am however, notoriously, not very good with spelling….if you only knew…I have my dictionary..Scrabble and Websters at the ready and I thank the Lord above everyday for spell […]

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blueberry PIE me OH my!

It is blueberry season in Michigan. I did a little blueberry research. Apparently, I have been taking something for granted….and it’s not Lake Michigan. It’s the fact that I have lived in the midst of the nations largest blueberry crops my whole life and didn’t even know it! YES it’s true…I knew that there were […]

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