So much FOOD so little time……..

You might want to pop a few TUMS before you proceed. It’s Spring Break here in West Michigan, and unlike other Michiganders, that headed South, I headed due East with my oldest son. He has been asking to go to the Big Apple for some time now. I guess he wanted to see what was […]

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Apple Dumplings


I am very thankful right now that my dad doesn’t read my blog. He doesn’t even own a computer, or a cell phone, or a DVD player. I am not even sure he really even comprehends what a blog is. He calls it my website “thing”. New fangled technology is just not his thing….or any […]

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NYC here WE come!!!

Next week is Spring Break. I’m not heading South with the rest of Michigan. I am heading due East with my oldest son. We are going to New York City BABY! Alot of people have asked, “Why, New York City, with only one of the kids”. Why not?! My son has been asking to do […]

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Thai Chicken in Sweet Chilli Sauce

At the beginning of 2011 I vowed I was going to dust off my many cookbooks and put them to good use. I have done just that. I love cookbooks. I buy them, I read them, like novels, but then I tuck them neatly on a shelf and for the most part don’t use them. […]

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munchies and RAMBLINGS………

Bacon and Blue Cheese Sweet Potato NACHOS! Is anyone with me on this one? Three of my favorite foods. Why wouldn’t they be fantastic together? Well they are! However, they are not a lite bed time snack…..So possibly a whole cookie sheet full of Blue Cheese and Bacon Sweet Potato Nachos was a bit too […]

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Quick & Easy Chicken NOODLE Soup

Quick & Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

I have had my littlest kiddo home from school sick this week. The stomach flu, YUCK! I mistakenly told someone that my kiddos had been unusually healthy this winter. I totally jinxed myself. Trying to find something that sounded good to my little one and that everyone else would enjoy for dinner was challenging. Chicken […]

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I have an obsession for funny cards. I can’t buy just one. The problem lies mainly in the fact that I can’t make a decision…when it comes to cards. I have been known to give someone more than one card. I have a group of girly~friends that go out for lunch for our birthdays. The […]

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Almond Cherry Scones


If you missed what this sign is all about well you can read all about it HERE. If you could really care less what this spray painted dollar store tablecloth sign is all about and you just want yourself some tender, full flavored Almond Cherry Scones, that’s fine. I get it. Proceed for the recipe […]

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Almond Cherry Scones and a prank

If you are not into people airing their dirty laundry….in other peoples front yards well then you might just want to move on to the next blog on your Google Reader. But you might want to stick around for this one, even if you think you’re not into that sorta thing. Over a decade ago […]

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Caramel CORN

Here’s a nibble that is simple, fun and delicious! You can make it with your family. This could be your pre-Family Night activity! Make some Caramel Corn and then all watch a movie together or have a game night, puzzle night. However, be careful dancing and eating caramel corn I wouldn’t want anyone to choke! […]

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