Thursdays ramblings…..on Friday

Rambling means to talk aimlessly and endlessly. I’m going to try rambling as a writing exercises of sorts, an out pouring of my thoughts and junk. Unedited. I’m feeling the need to figure some things out, to sort through some stuff. I thought maybe my blathering on might help. I understand if you decide not […]

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Dinner Rolls

I have a versatile White Bread recipe, for bread machines, that I want to share with you and in the process share a few tips that I have found helpful in perfecting a excellent loaf or dough from a bread machine. Do you have a bread machine? I love mine! It seems like many people […]

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bread MAchiNe

This would be my bread machine. Shoved away in the oddball cupboard above the microwave, along with some seldom used cookbooks and recipe clippings. Go BULLDOGS! That machine, and I have been through alot together. Thirteen years, four babies, three kitchens, in sickness and in health, through thick and through thin, in sweet times and […]

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My Mostaccoli is a deconstructed lasagna. It looks messy, not all organized and perfectly layered, but it has the same great taste. It’s a great way to use up leftover spaghetti sauce. Two meals in one pot! You will need at least 6 cups of Spaghetti Sauce. If you don’t quite have enough you can […]

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Spaghetti SAUCE

This is for you MariAnne! MariAnne is a fellow soccer mom who asked for my spaghetti sauce recipe after her son ate over and told her “it was the best spaghetti he’d ever had”. The fact is when she told me her son had complimented my “sauce” and asked me for the recipe I was […]

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MONKEY bread

It was a busy week last week, both my boys had birthdays! Sandwiched between Christmas and New Year that makes for ALOT of eating and celebrating! I try to spoil my kids rotten when it comes to what they want to eat on “their day”. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner…..the skies the limit. Tuesday was Luke’s […]

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a YEAR in review….

I attempted to sing you a song in my first blog post of the year…. Way to ring in the cheer…. If you could have heard me it woulda broke your ear! Dumpers was my second post, way to be a downer. The thought of facing three months of winter really made me cower. On […]

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Fondue POTS

Fonduing meats and seafood has to be one of the easiest ways to gather around a table and enjoy a meal with family and friends. It takes a little bit of prep and a fondue pot or two, or three and you will be on your way to a fantastical night of Fondue! One rule […]

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cheese FONDUE

A three course meal of fondue has become the tradition around our home on Christmas Eve. Which just so happens to be my birthday…….we used to go out for dinner, but at some point when the kids were little and going out for dinner with them was not actually relaxing, at all, we started fondue. […]

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Merry Christmas!

Johnson Family Christmas Card 2010 After many years of battling with my children to get a picture for our Christmas card, I threw up my arms and screeched “I surrender!” and went running in the direction of the professionals. I think the year of my surrender was the year I dressed them all in red […]

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