Wet Burrito


I have to apologize for being slow to deliver on my promise, of showing you how we do Wet Burritos, after I posted my Grandma’s Red Saucerecipe. Hopefully you haven’t been hanging out in Red Sauce limbo until now. Wet Burritos, my way, may seem like a tad-bit of a process, but you’ll just have […]

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My Momma…..

I hadn’t planned on blogging today, but I woke up with this song in my head. I haven’t heard this song in years. It was one I heard often as a child, and it always made me sad. As an adult it makes me cry like a baby….ugly cry, snot, sob, boo-hoo….until five minutes ago […]

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Blessed ~ WINNER!

The GIVEAWAY winner is: Anonymous said… I love all Robin’s designs but i’m particularly drawn to the blessed pendants! My husband and I had difficulty conceiving our daughter and now she’s almost a year old and for that I am blessed!Stacy Karish May 4, 2011 8:55 AM Stacey I am so excited that you won! […]

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Red Sauce ~ Cinco de Mayo

This recipe comes from my Grandmothers recipe box. I love this sauce. It works well for wet burritos, enchiladas, and really anything you might want to drowned in it. It is perfectly spicy, the mole adds a subtle richness. It also works great for spicing up your taco meat. If I had to rank foods […]

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Bless on Mothers Day

Mothers Day is one week away. I am always overwhelmed with gratitude on Mothers Day. I have been blessed with four amazing children! And I also am blessed to be surrounded by many amazing women! My Mom, my Grandmothers, Mother-n-laws, Aunts, my Mom’s friends who are like mothers to me, friends, different women at church […]

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Jack the "not so" DUMB dog

We have a dog. Jack. He’s a golden retriever. He’s a hairball. He’s constantly dropping his hair all over my floor, which drives me nuts. Kenny is allergic, and since we are brilliant people we chose a breed that sheds more than any other. Besides the hair and a few pieces of pizza and a […]

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Tortellini Chicken

I had a senior moment a few days ago. I could have sworn I shared this recipe here before. I wanted to print off the recipe for a friend and it wasn’t there. Sometimes I wonder about my noggin. Tortellini Chicken is one of my families favorites and one that I share with others quite […]

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CUPCAKES for Mothers Day…hmmmm that’s a good idea!

Mothers Day is May 8. Have you thought about what you might give your Mother for Mothers day? Cupcakes perhaps? I could name at least five moms off the top of my head, licketly split, that would be delighted with a box of these babies. If you live in the greater Grand Rapids area, you […]

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Sausage Breakfast Strata perfect for Easter Breakfast

Breakfast Strata

Everyone is all a buzz about what they are serving for Easter dinner. I feel like a loser. Because I am not lifting a finger this Easter. Last week I made reservations for our whole family, plus house guests to go out for dinner. Thursday and Friday I will be shoulder deep in making cinnamon […]

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Cheesy Roasted Potatoes


Here is a quick side that will knock your socks off! We love Cheesy Potatoe Skins around here. But this mom, does not love to make them. Too many steps, there’s so much time invested in making them and they’re devoured in a blink of an eye! So I came up with these tasty morsels. […]

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