Hello….tap tap..helloooo anyone still out there?

I am still alive. I haven’t gone anywhere. In case anyone wondered. Did anyone wonder? Hello. HellloooOOO? tap tap tap…..anybody out there? I’ve just been taking a little break. I’m still cooking, and making many lists of things I want to write about. Working out more…yes I said working out. As in excersicing….goodness I can’t […]

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Spicy Ginger Coleslaw the perfect side for a BBQ!


One of my favorite Summer side dishes is Coleslaw! Unfortunately, quite often coleslaw can be boring. Average. Not worthy of seconds. Add some extra carrots, tart apple and the zing of fresh ginger, and Oh! let’s not forget the cayenne pepper, and you will be going back for thirds!! Or with these Hawaiian Burgers. Is […]

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UPDATE: BwoB help for Joplin

First, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the out pouring of concern for my family in Joplin MO. I cannot express my gratitude for your generosity. Bloggers with out Borders raised over $2000!!! After launching the fundraising project for Joplin, it came to BwoB’s attention that another bloggers […]

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BwoB: Help for Joplin MO

Bloggers with out Borders (BwoB) is a blogger-based charity whose mission is to help people- bloggers and readers alike- by harnessing the good will of the blogging community. Its founders are Maggy Keet of ThreeManyCooks, Erica Pineda-Ghanny of The Ivory Hut, and Aimee Wimbush-Bourque of Simple Bites. BwoB officially launches in July 2011.Sunday a half-mile […]

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the comfort of COOKIES!

***UPDATE*** Prayers are being answered! I received news this evening that the homes of my relatives were spared!!! Hallelujah! My great uncle is still hospitalized, but is off the critical list. My cousin, who at first we had heard had multiple leg fractures….but after finally receiving an X-ray was told she has no broken bones, […]

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BACON Vodka and a cocktail

Maple Bacontini. Uh-huh….that’s what I said Bacon. This is not the typical pastel, fresh, citrusy, Spring cocktail post. Nope. It’s not. If you know me at all you’ll know I don’t do typical very well. But I would bet my bottom dollar that if you love bacon, like I love bacon, you would savor yourself […]

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Root Canal and ramblings……

Thello! E hadda geth a woot thanal thaday. Em a lithel numBah, and I’m dribblen’ my coffee down my front, and spewing crumbs all over my key board….because heaven forbid I wait for the numbness to go away before I start to fill my pie hole again. Yeah, so I finally got up the guts […]

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Wet Burrito


I have to apologize for being slow to deliver on my promise, of showing you how we do Wet Burritos, after I posted my Grandma’s Red Saucerecipe. Hopefully you haven’t been hanging out in Red Sauce limbo until now. Wet Burritos, my way, may seem like a tad-bit of a process, but you’ll just have […]

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My Momma…..

I hadn’t planned on blogging today, but I woke up with this song in my head. I haven’t heard this song in years. It was one I heard often as a child, and it always made me sad. As an adult it makes me cry like a baby….ugly cry, snot, sob, boo-hoo….until five minutes ago […]

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Blessed ~ WINNER!

The GIVEAWAY winner is: Anonymous said… I love all Robin’s designs but i’m particularly drawn to the blessed pendants! My husband and I had difficulty conceiving our daughter and now she’s almost a year old and for that I am blessed!Stacy Karish May 4, 2011 8:55 AM Stacey I am so excited that you won! […]

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