Easy Lasagna Roll Ups

This easy cheesy lasagna recipe can be made in one pan for a larger family, such as mine, or split in to two pans, eat one and freeze one for later!

Easy Lasagna Roll UpsI have posted a few lasagna recipes in the past.  This one is my kids favorite.  I’ve probably said that about the others as well.  Face it we just like ourselves some lag-zag-nah round here!  But honestly, this one IS our favorite.  The sauce is simple, there’s not too much cheese but just a enough, and well the little roll-ups are just plain cute!

Easy Lasagna Roll-ups are basically a spin on my moms lasagna.  I grew up eating lasagna made with cottage cheese, cripes I never even heard of ricotta cheese until after I was married!  If you are used to using ricotta cheese and for some reason the idea of cottage cheese in lasagna freaks you out, get over yourself and give this a try!  You would know the difference if someone didn’t tell you.  Plus if you are trying to keep grocery costs down or you are on a tight budget cottage cheese is more cost effective and has less fat than ricotta.

Get started by cooking your sauce, and boiling your noodles.

Easy Lasagna Roll-u[sCombine your cheese mixture.



Easy Lasagna Roll UpsDon’t let this step scare you, if you pretend you are rolling p a sleeping bag that has eggs in it, you will do just fine, in other words roll lightly, no need to squish the guts out….


Easy Lasagna Roll UpsCover bottom of pan with sauce, and place roll-ups seam side down in pan.


Easy Lasagna Roll UpsCover noodle roll-ups with sauce, cover pan with foil, place in preheated oven and bake for 30 minutes.  Remove and sprinkle remaining cup of cheese over the top and return uncovered to oven to bake for remaining 15 minutes.


Easy Lasagna Roll Ups

Easy Lasagna Roll UpsMy family is not typically a lover of leftovers, but this they will eat two nights in a row!  What are some of your favorite cost conscience recipes?  Please feel free to share in the comments!

Peace, love, and cheesy lahzagnah!
XO, Sheila




Disclaimer:  I am proud to be an ambassador for the United Dairy Industry of Michigan.  Thank you for helping support Eat2gather by supporting your local dairy farmers!  

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  1. 1
    Brandi G :

    Looks awesome and I’ll bet even my picky child would love it! Think it freezes well? Making a double batch seems like a good idea.

    • 1.1
      Sheila :

      Yes it freezes perfectly! If you have a small family 4 or less this recipe will make two small pans. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day, Sheila

  2. 2
    Amy :

    For some reason, I like making the roll ups compared to the traditional method.
    Amy recently posted..Clam FrittersMy Profile