Creamy Marinara and pasta

Creamy Marinara with pasta is a 20 minute goto meal that my family always loves!  Add a salad and garlic toast and you’ve got yourself the perfect meal. Creamy Marinara 20 minute Meal!

I love this meal because it’s quick, easy, and I almost always have all the ingredients on hand, and its one of my kiddos favorites!

Creamy Marinara and PastaCreamy Marinara is a meatless sauce that comes together with a few pantry and fresh ingredients in a matter of minutes!  Don’t have fresh basil and garlic use dried.  Like I said this recipe is easy and forgiving.  The only thing that is unforgivable is if you don’t make this for your family!!

Creamy Marinara 20 minute Meal!Heat up olive oil in a large skillet, add some dried Italian seasoning, garlic,  and saute’ to release the flavors, then add 2 cans of tomatoes, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, a few more spices and Voila!  You’ve got Dinner!

Creamy Marinara 20 minute Meal!Is that not a thing of beauty?  So fresh and full of good for you ingredients!  You can add any type of pasta you like to this sauce, I added spaghetti just because it’s what I had on hand, but honestly any ol’ noodle will do the job.

Creamy Marinara 20 minute Meal!

Believe it or not I actually love to spend hours in the kitchen cooking away to my heart’s content, but honestly ain’t noBODY got time for that these days!  More and more I’m turning to quick and easy homemade meals to get my family around the table.   I hope Creamy Marinara sends your family running to the dinner table, and asking for seconds!




Recently I had the opportunity to spend some time with my one of my favorite sponsors the United Dairy Industry of Michigan:

Creamy Marinara & Milk Means More Farm Tour

Several other bloggers and I were lucky enough to go behind the scenes of the Prairie Farms processing plant; where we had the chance to learn about milk quality and safety and see how some of our favorite dairy foods are made!  I was flabbergasted at the care and precision that goes in to the safe processing of milk and other dairy products.  I will never again take for granted a jug of milk, or a carton of cream again!  So much care and hard work goes into safely processing the dairy products that we purchase everyday.

Creamy Marinara & Milk Means More Farm TourNext we toured the 5th generation Crandall Family Farm in Battle Creek, where we were shown the behind the scenes of their 365 day dairy operation and enjoyed dinner el fresco on the front lawn!  It was amazing!  Everytime I have the chance to visit a Michigan Dairy farm I leave with a sense of awe at the dedication and hard work that goes into producing safe quality milk for Michigan consumers.

For more information on dairy and amazing recipes follow United Dairy Industry of Michigan on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Disclaimer:  I am proud to be a part of  blogger network that works with the United Dairy Industry of Michigan to help share recipes and ideas on how to incorporated protein and vitamin rich dairy products into your every day meal plan. Thank you for helping support Eat2gather by supporting your local dairy farmers!  

Slow Cooker Korean BBQ Beef

Slow Cooker Korean BBQ Beef

Getting my family around the table all at the same time never gets any easier!  Let me say this, if you have little ones that are not in evening school activities and sports,  ENJOY!  Make meal time a priority.  Get those cute snot nosed faces around the table no matter how hard it may be […]

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Crunchy Smashed Potatoes

Crunchy Smashed Potatoes ~ easy side for any meal!

Crunchy smashed potatoes are hands down my families favorite way to eat potatoes at home, now if I made french fries at home that would be their favorite, but I don’t so these tasty taters take the number one spot!I am often stumped when it comes to side dishes.  I’m not sure why, because honestly […]

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Easy Make Ahead Freezer Smoothies

Easy Make Ahead Freezer Smoothies great for quick back to school snack or breakfast!

School started today!  Holy cow!  Where did the summer go?  I say this every year, but this summer really did fly by.  So much good stuff, great memories, fun times!  Now it’s back to business as usual.  Back to schedules, homework, sports,  a regular bedtime, and most importantly eating regular healthy meals! We all know […]

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Gluten Free Cornbread

Gluten Free Cornbread

This sweet moist cornbread is perfect on its own, with soup or chili , or if you’re my Cece with butter and dripping in honey!     We are not gluten-free, but I like to have certain recipes that I can make so that when the opportunity arises to bring someone a meal that’s gluten-free, I’m […]

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Partly Cloudy Cocktail

Partly Cloudy Cocktail recipe  Vanilla Bean infused Rum with pure lemon extract and ginger ale

The days are getting shorter and cooler but summer is not over yet!  Kicking back on the deck with this fresh and zippy cocktail is the best way to make the summer last! Partly Cloudy Cocktail is my sassy take on a Dark and Stormy. Vanilla Bean infused rum with a twist of lemon will make you […]

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Cheesy Sweet Potato and Kale Strata

Cheese Sweet Potato and Kale Strata

This easy hearty make-ahead Cheesy Sweet Potato and Kale Strata will satisfy the whole family, it works for any meal, and the leftovers are phenomenal! I have so much to share with you!  Number one being the recipe for the above Cheesy Sweet Potato and Kale Strata. It’s no secret that we love breakfast for dinner. […]

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Green Goddess Dressing and grilled vegetables

Green Goddess Dressing with Grilled Vegetables

Green Goddess dressing, made with greek yogurt, is fresh, light and full of crisp flavors. It is so versatile! It can be made and kept on hand to be used with a variety of different recipes. I’m a saucy gal!  I love an abundance of condiments and sauces on any and all foods.  Salad make […]

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Monday chitter chatter

monday chitter chatter

Well hello there. How’s summer treating you?  I didn’t mean to stay away so long.  I think of you often, I’ve intended many a night to sit down to the computer, but then we were having a slight internet problem, and time just went Phoosh! Because it’s been so long I feel the need to […]

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Baked Pizza Sandwich

Baked Pizza Sandwich

I want to share one of my families favorite sandwiches, Baked Pizza Sandwich!  It’s pizza.  What kid doesn’t like pizza?  It’s easy!  What mom doesn’t like easy? First I’m feeling the need to sort of unload what’s been happening around here lately…..Two weeks into summer!  Ahhhhh!! So far its been a blur!!  My oldest, Noah, […]

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