Williams – Sonoma Giveaway

Sandy is the winner!! Sandy said “snowball cookies!!! have to make them every year! :)”  I will be contacting you shortly!  Next Wednesday there will be one more fantastical giveaway so y’all come back now ya here!!?


Ever have one of those weeks where everyday seems like Thursday? I have so much to do this week! The kids will be off school for two weeks and I need to get my Christmas plan in place. All the details, the shopping, wrapping, and then come the birthdays BAM, BAM first son number 2 will be 15 then son number 1 will be 18!!! EIGHTEEN. I am going to have an 18 YEAR OLD. [insert old lady emoji] For some reason, the Christmas season snuck up on me this year. Literally like a BOO! Christmas is a week away. How did this happen??

Ok enough about my time challenges. I have another GIVEAWAY for you this week!!  I’m super excited to be giving away….

William-Sonoma Christmas Giveawaya $50 Williams-Sonoma Gift Certificate.  

I love this store!  It’s like my candy shop.  Even if you’re not excited about kitchen gadgets and cookbooks, there is something for you here, I’m certain of it!!  OK I’m going to make this easy for you, just answer the question below in the comment section.

My favorite Christmas treat is ____________________ !!!!

Official Rules and Regulatory stuff:

Only one entry per person.

Winner must be 18 years or older.

Must enter by 12 noon EST Friday, December 19, 2014.

(Because I will be sending this gift certificate out via e-gift card you can be any where in the world you want to be to win ;) How do ya like them apples?!)

Best Wishes and Butterfly Kisses! Sheila

PS I loved all your answers for last week Wednesdays giveaway.  Sounds like we all just want to be surrounded by those we love on Christmas! I’m with you being with family and friends is my favorite part of the holidays, and well the food ;)

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, this giveaway is simply from me to you! Mwah! XOX

A Christmas List & a GIVEAWAY!

Christmas List & GIVEAWAY

14. Sarah is the winner!! She answered  “All I want for Christmas is those boots!”  I will shoot you an email.  If I don’t hear back from Sara in 24 hours I will pick a new winner.  Stop by Wednesday for another luverly giveaway! XO Sheila   _____________________________________________________________________________________________ My forty somethingth birthday is exactly two […]

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Monday Meal Plan – 15 minute meals

Meal Plan Mondays

Life gets busy who has time to slave over the stove for hours. With these meals you will save yourself time and get your family around the table in the process! One of the biggest keys to getting a meal on the table quickly is having the ingredient on hand, or in other words having […]

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Cheddar Stout Fondue with roasted vegetables

Cheddar Stout Fondue

Cheese fondue is interactive, delicious, and a great way to gather friends and family around the table!   Fondue is a Christmas Eve tradition for our family.  Every year since forever, even when the kids where little, we have done fondue with my dad and my sister and her husband.  It’s an event, that takes the […]

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Taco Tour ~ #e2gsummertacotour

2 Downtown Market

I love friends that get you in trouble.  Those friends are the best kind!  Big D is my “get me in trouble” friend.  She’s always got some cockamamy (but fun!) idea.  Like last Spring when she suggested we try to eat at every taco dive in West Michigan.  Of course I said “When can we […]

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Easy Entertaining – Cheese Platter 101

Cheese Platter 101: entertaining made easy!

A simple cheese plate, as an appetizer,  is easy and elegant; let me show you just how easy entertaining this holiday season can be! I have vowed this holiday season to keep life simple!  That does not mean that I want to cut down; by all means I want to live life to the fullest […]

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Skillet Lasagna

Skillet Lasagna

This recipe could go down as the easiest dinner recipe in Eat2gather history! PIN this SKILLET LASAGNA now!  I promise you won’t regret it!  Do you find it hard to get a home cooked meal on the table during the holidays?  I do!! As much as I love to cook the hardest time for me […]

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Cheesy Broccoli and Wild Rice Casserole

Cheesy Broccoli and Wild Rice Casserole

This side dish is full of surprises under the crunchy almond and cracker topping is a casserole full of textures and flavors that will find you going back for seconds and hoping there are leftovers for tomorrow! I love a good old fashioned mushroom soup laden side dish just as much as the next guy […]

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Meal Plan Monday – Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving sides ~ Cranberry Relish

Thanksgiving is officially right around the corner.  T10 days and counting till Turkey Day!!  Can I get a Woot Woot?!  I honestly start looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner as soon as the leftovers are gone which is like Friday night around here.  We always say “why don’t we have roast turkey dinner at other times […]

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Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice qualifies as a quick and easy meal; by using leftover chicken and rice, and taking advantage of packaged frozen stir fry vegetables you can have this meal from stove to table in 15 minutes or less! I guarantee your family will ask for this meal time and time again! Full of vegetables […]

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