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I keep blah blahing about our vacation at Lake Michigan sorry…I won’t dwell on it too long. Other than to say that while we were at the cottage rental…it reminded me of how fantastic the kitchen at the Lodge was when I got to visit Ree Drummund in June. So now I will blah blah about P-Dub again…if you don’t mind. Honestly this cottage kitchen was the best I have ever encountered in my days of cottage rentals…
But it did leave a few things to be desired…….

Like a rolling pin, but I made do. Did you know that Bowers Harbor Pinot Grigio makes the best rolling pin for Cherry Pie? Nice cold bottle of Pinot and you are good to go with the pie bakin’!

Table space was another thing that I hankered for. But by golly what one can’t do with a ironing board. I knew that thing would come in handy one of these days.

I was more at home in the kitchen at Ree’s, than I am in my own kitchen. Did I tell you that they had to pry my hands free from the counter the morning we had to leave….yeh…well…it was not one of my prouder moments.
Have a look and maybe you’ll understand why I didn’t want to leave….
Look at all those baking sheets….HOLY Hannah! I could bake a Texas sheet cake, cinnamon rolls, cookies, muffins, and more all at the same time!

That would be me Vanna Whiting it in front of the fabulous double Wolf ovens. Vanna eat your heart out! I bet Vanna has never baked Ree’s cinnamon rolls in the ovens she prances around.

Mouthwateringly sinful! Eat your heart out Vanna.

I actually heard the angels singing when I stood near these pots. Aren’t they somethin’…no other words can describe the beauty of Le Creuset. I personally don’t own any…it’s on my bucket list though.

Be still my heart…I think this is why they named the lodge “The Lodge”, look at all the Lodge iron skillets! Dam! (I avoid cussing in my writing by misspelling…….)

White dinner ware is my new favorite…all white…always perfect…never goes out of style. You could feed alot of cowboys with all them plates.

This would be a fuzzy picture of my friend Dee, Redletterword Lady, I was so giddy about the sink and the mandolin she was slicing taters with that I was actually doing a hurky as I took this shot…so really it turned out pretty clear…oh yeah and take notice of the sink…..did I say that already…eegs sorry, but that sink was awesome.

We drank alot of coffee during our visit to the Ranch…we wanted to be alert…awake, not sleepy…did not want to miss a thing! This was my mug. They each had a different cowboy or girl on them. I loved them…Ree you might want to count your mugs…just kiddin’.

This would be the bar….UM…well this got some use…not proud of that…but it sure was handy. And Ree being the hostess with the mostess…well she had that baby stocked! I had to keep reminding myself that it was OK I would not be getting an exorbitant bar bill upon checking out…it really didn’t take me too long to get used to it. An hour or so.

The handy dandy bar also had an ice maker…need I say more.

The shelves, the sinks, the olive oil waiting for me to make pizza crust….picture perfect!
More of the good stuff. I love open shelves. I need me some.

Now that’s a sink PEOPLE! I could have given triplets a bath in that thing. And Oh the water fights my kids would have with that faucety thing, devilish….

This bowl looked marvelous full of chips….I still need to post our about the Mexican meal we had the last night…..oh whoa is me….this week end was really too much to handle. I am still processing it. The reality has still not hit me… But seeing this bowl again…makes my heart pound and my knees get all jelliefied. It was love at first sight.

I gasped when I discovered this….be still my heart.

And then there was the bacon…Ree made sure we would not run out of bacon. Gotta love that about her. Stocking up on bacon is a very endearing quality….something I really look for in a friend.

Butter and Cheese OH MY!

A beef lovers Para-deese…

Really this is the “piece de resistance” the pinnacle…ice cream lots and lots of ice cream and the coffee flavor was sitting there. Right out front. As if to say “Welcome, make yourself at home”.
All of us gals received an email from Ree the other day letting us know she misses us desperately…well she said she felt like we were old friends by the end of the weekend….. she also said she is preparing to post about us….Oh I think my bowels will do a flip flop dead if I see my face on her website.
Well hang in there, if you dare, there is more of this P-dub adventure to come….just stringing you along. No other way to quite say it.

You know how much I luv ya’ll don’tcha!

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  1. Love the Barbie in the boot. My husband always has to check his boots before he puts them on too. I never understood why Haileys's toys wanted to hang out in Mark's shoes…..I mean PEEEEEEEW!


  2. Ooooo…. I've contemplated taking the doors off of our top cabinets. These photos give me inspiration!

    P.S. I'm giving away a blog award tomorrow on my blog and you are a recipient! Come by and snag it!

  3. I get Kitchen Envy every time I see YOUR kitchen! Not sure how I would react in the Lodge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for the open shelves, had 'em. Not the best if you have shaggy critters as part of your family. My current dog sheds terribly. I put all the doors back on my cupboards to retain my sanity!