Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino

  Oh you need to make this easy decadent treat for the chocolate lover in your life!  Its you?  You’re the chocolate lover in your life?  Well then get to it!  Make yourself a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino STAT!   I have a confession.  This is not my recipe.  It’s my sons.  He loves the […]

Partly Cloudy Cocktail

The days are getting shorter and cooler but summer is not over yet!  Kicking back on the deck with this fresh and zippy cocktail is the best way to make the summer last! Partly Cloudy Cocktail is my sassy take on a Dark and Stormy. Vanilla Bean infused rum with a twist of lemon will make you […]

Caramel Cappuccino Mix

During the winter months there is nothing better than a hot steamy cup of Caramel Cappuccino.   Use this easy to make dry cappuccino mix  and you will be able to whip yourself up one at a moments notice!  Just add hot water!!    I have a serious weakness for caramel and an even seriouser […]

Smoothie & Shake Round-UP

I’m been scouring the web for the smoothies and milkshakes that my kiddos would love.  Not just because I want to make them drinkable treats, but because my oldest two had their wisdom teeth removed today.  Yes, you heard me right.  I took two teens to the oral surgeon today and they both had four […]

Dee’s Hot Chocolate Mix & 100+ Homemade Gift Ideas!

In my opinion the best gifts are never the gifts that can be bought at a store.  I love more than anything a good ol’ homemade gift.  My mom was the queen of homemade gifts at Christmas.  She would crochet slippers, and scarves, mittens and blankets, she would paint pots, and crochet plant hangers (Remember […]

BACON Vodka and a cocktail

Maple Bacontini. Uh-huh….that’s what I said Bacon. This is not the typical pastel, fresh, citrusy, Spring cocktail post. Nope. It’s not. If you know me at all you’ll know I don’t do typical very well. But I would bet my bottom dollar that if you love bacon, like I love bacon, you would savor yourself […]

White Hot Chocolate….it’s a REAL treat!

A few inches of snow landed here in West Michigan! Yes-sirreee. Today is the second day off school. I love snow days. The kids played outside all day. The dog recieved some much needed attention…see he’s playing King of the Doggy Mountain. And I kept the hot chocolate and snacks replenished. Ah, to be young […]

Johns Special Egg Nog Cocktail

Here’s a must for your next Christmas Party! Isn’t that beautiful and festive? This is the first time I have posted an alcoholic beverage recipe on my blog. I like to try and keep things family friendly and all, but this special Holiday drink was one I couldn’t keep to myself. Remember a couple weeks […]

Mocha Cappuccino Mix

Who wouldn’t love a warm frothy cup of Mocha Cappuccino? I keep a container of this mix on hand at all times. Even my friends who are not coffee lovers love this Cappuccino Mix. Yes, it’s true I do keep company with non-coffee drinkers. Once you give this as a gift be prepared to keep […]

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