Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

The rugrats above are my kiddos, next to God, and my husband they are my everything.  They are probably going to bludgeon me for putting this card on E2g.  They’re goofy that way sometimes.  As you can see I spelled Ainslies name correctly on this years card, and there are no toilets in the background […]

DIY ~ photo display

I am not a DIYer, well let me clarify.  I do DIY, but I do not do it well, nor do I enjoy it.  I’d rather be in the kitchen making 80 pies or a feast for 50 than painting walls, or refinishing furniture.  I have done both of those, I also have sewn quilts […]

Vacation bites….

I haven’t baked or cooked a thing for 10 days now!  Yikes! I left a week ago today for Seattle for Blogher Food. Do you go through periods where you don’t cook/bake? In the Summer my style of cooking changes completely.  We are a pretty spontaneous family (of 6), so sometimes I will have dinner […]

31days of Meals 4 Sharing:: time with Family

I had a long post halfway written for today.  I needed to finish it this morning.  What I needed to do more was serve at my church, and be with my family.  I hope you’re not disappointed in me.  I didn’t want to quick write something just to write it.  That would not honor your […]

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