Two Women

Ten years ago today we brought Cecelia home.  She was five weeks old and weighed 8 lbs.  We met at the adoption agency, just Ken and I our social worker, and Cece’s tummy momma (birth mother) and her social worker.  I remember the days my three biological children were born pretty clearly, but the day, […]

Sausage Egg Sandwich

I now have two teenagers living under my roof.  In four years I will have four teenagers under my roof.  During that time if you are unable to locate me, you might want to check the darkest corner of my home, there you will find me curled up like a cheerio and sucking my thumb, […]


Today is our fourth childs eighth birthday. Eight years ago today a beautiful amazing child was born hours away from the woman she would call mama. Kinda of a strange thought, that you could just be goin along with your day…and your child is born somewhere…and you don’t even know it. Takes my breath away…. […]

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