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The Pioneer Women COOKS cookbook GIVEAWAY!

“OOOOklaHOOOMA where the wind comes sweepin down the plaaaaaine
and the WAVin WHEEET can sure smell swAweet…”

I’m at Big D’s using her computer, because we have no internet service after the big storm last night. Egads! Trees down, sirens blaring. Apparently, there were tornado warnings here….me and my family slept right through it. Nice….

Big D and I are only slightly excited over here. We are gigglin like freaking idiots about all sorts of nonsense. (ie. singing) O goodness what has Ree Drummond gotten herself into with the likes of us spending a weekend at the Lodge.

I am hoping there is no such weather at P W’s this weekend. I am hoping for lots of rest and relaxation. No laundry….well you get the idea.

Do you have her cookbook? NO??!!!

Well DAG-gum-IT! You need yourself one. Or if you do have one you need to tell all your friends and family to come on over here, because they need one. I should know I cooked through the entire thing….and it is fabulous.

Never heard of The Pioneer Women or her cooking well then you need to mosey on over here.
Your life ain’t never gonna be the same! Nor is your waistline.

So here is the SCOOP. I have one cookbook left from when I went to Ree’s cookbooks signing, and I am bringing it along to have Ree sign.

YOU NEED to let me know what you would like Ree, The Pioneer Woman, to write in your cookbook in the COMMENTS.

AND if you really love me you could spread the news on your face book or you could tweet about me. That would be lovely and fabulous. ONE comment a day please.

Now get crackin….let me know what you want Ree to write in your cook book on Saturday I will pick one very fortunate person!

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  1. I am an Army wife and move around a lot—Ree came very close to us when she went to Austin on her cookbook tour, but unfortunately the weather that day was really nasty, so a drive from San Antonio would have been treacherous. My plan was to buy a bunch of her cookbooks, have them signed and then gift them to family at Christmas time. As I mentioned earlier, being a military spouse has it's challenges and we now have been relocated once again, this time to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and I haven't gotten around to mailing one to her to sign. My sister in law and I are both huge PW fans and I know it would mean a lot for her to have a signed cookbook. If Ree would sign a book for my sister in law, I'd have her write "To Kevin and Amy, Sherye tells me you have the best 7 layer dip around! Always just kickin' it… Love, Ree"
    Thanks for the opportunity Sheila!!

  2. I would like for her to write "anything that tastes this good must be healthy" ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I would pinkpuffyheart a copy of this cookbook, as I pinkpuffyheart Ree. Here's what I want her to write:

    Dear Nicole,
    Please come and cook with me sometime. You can leave your kids behind, and we'll spend the whole weekend cooking, eating, drinking, laughing and loosening the waistbands on our pants.
    Love, Ree.

  4. I would like it to say "Butter sweet on the lips hangs on the hips, but it tatses so good".

    Thanks for the oportunity Shelia! I have been meaning to buy myself one of her books but have not done it!

  5. I would like her to say: "A lifetime of yumminess just for you Gentrie…..Luv P-Dub"

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Seriously..this is a really hard question to answer! What would you have PW write to you? I like the invite to the ranch one! Oh, can hardly wait!!!

  7. I would give the cookbook to my daughter who first tried to introduce me to PW but I brushed her suggestion off thinking I would not be interested in a ranch woman blog. Then Robin and a niece were talking about P Dub on FB and my interest was piqued. Now I am addicted to her site and recipes.
    To Christy, the IA hog farm raised daughter who bleeds cowgirl now that she lives in WY and loves to spend her weekends branding, vaccinating, and sorting calves for the ranchers who have become her friends. Your mom loves you more than her luggage.

    Carrie, Robin's relative

  8. Ree is going to love you girls! Save travels.
    To Robin, It's all good! I luv ya more than my luggage, Ree

  9. OH I would love for her to put anything as long as she addresses it to Mandee. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great time and I really enjoy your blog!

  10. She loves me more than her luggage! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    By the way, have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to read about it!

  11. The closest Ree came to me during the book tour was 3 hours away. And on a weekday. I wanted to go sooo bad, but it just wouldn't work any way I tried. I wouldn't care what she wrote as long as it was inscribed to me (Amy). My husband (Jonathan) LOVES being a guinea pig for her recipes. Maybe it could say "To Amy & Jonathan – best wishes on your marriage"??? We were married Nov. 7th. I'd want her to write whatever she wanted though… I'm so glad we get to live vicariously through you. I hope you have an amazing time at the ranch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I have to go with the "I love you more than my luggage." comment….it's a trademark of hers!

  13. Have a great time at the ranch! I dream of the day I win a trip there! I would pack up my sisters and go or maybe Ree would like me to bring my chubby cheeked baby with me! Lol

    Anything To Hilary… from Ree would be awesome! Have a great trip!!

  14. Such a hard question to answer! I would be happy with anything signed from Ree to Kandace

  15. Why on earth does a foodie such as myself not have the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook? Good gracious, that's a crime!! If I won the cookbook, Ree could write, "To Karin, a woman who LOVES to cook for people she loves."

  16. Oh I love Ree and I loved her story of when she met her Marlboro Man. I read the whole thing in one day!!!
    Anything she would want to write would be awesome!!!

  17. It would love for it to say anything! What about "Whitney Keep cooking for the ones you love!! Love, Ree"?? You girls are going to have a blast on your trip! I can't wait to read all about it!

  18. I would love to win Ree's cookbook!
    I would love it addressed to me and perhaps my favourite food related quote

    "Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon or not at all"
    -Harriet van Horne

    Thanks for the chance!


  19. I would like for Ree to write "Judy- You know I love ya more than my luggage!"

    Have a great time.

    Judy R

  20. Oh I would love to have this cookbook Sheila! Have her write: Kim, you don't have to make the same 5 things for your family anymore – there's hope for you and your family with this cookbook! Good luck and enjoy the journey of cooking! You too can cook like me and your really good friend Sheila:)

    have an amazing time Sheil – enjoy every moment! Can't wait to hear about your adventure! Hugs to you my friend!

  21. Have fun! I want the cookbook, although I am sure my waistline couldn't handle it.

    I want my book to say "Happy Cooking!"

  22. I would like Ree's inscription to read, "Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet! (Let the good times roll!)

  23. Erika, Congratulations on your retirement from the Navy. Its nice to know that after 20 years and many many deployments you will finally be able to stay home and cook for your family on a regular basis. Love P-Dub

  24. Hiii Sheila! It's Ruth from camp ๐Ÿ™‚ I stumbled across your blog and can't believe you are visiting and meeting p.w.! Yay yay for you! I would love to be entered into your cookbook giveaway. Hope you have so much fun and I see you all sometime. (Even though I'm not working at camp this summer I will be sure to visit!)

    [email protected]

  25. I sure enjoy the pioneer woman and have made many of her recipes from the site. I'd love to have an autographed copy of her cookbook. If I should win a simple, To Joan from the Pioneer Woman would be lovely. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. I would LOVE Ree to write –

    Keep on cooking – A life without butter isn't worth living!!

    Just something simple and sweet – I love Ree and her blog. It reminds me a lot of my life and husband and kids – just without the calf nuts and prairie fires!!

  27. Have a great trip! Can't wait to hear about it and see some pics. You gals are going to have so much fun!
    Also, anything Ree would write would be great! Something with her wit. Safe travels!

  28. Saddle Up, Cowgals! YeeHaw! Luv, Milty, Murphy, Rod, Stub, Gerty and Uncle Skidder.

  29. Hope you have the time of your life and enjoy every second with Ree. I do not have her cookbook and would love her to make it out to Ashley! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Hope you're all having a blast! Thinking of you often… My husband threatens to have me on the new show 'Inedible to Incredible' for those of us who claim to be able to cook but our food tastes sort of yucky. I know this cookbook would help me out tremendously in that category. Therefore Sheila, I would have Ree write…"Dear Diane, let this be a stepping stone on your pathway of becoming a good cook." Thanks.

  31. I hope you ladies have a fabulous time (not that there is any chance you wouldn't).

    If I won, I'd like Ree to sign my cookbook to "The Polish Ghetto Queen, Jenifer."

    And anything else she'd want to add.

  32. I would love for her to write "Lisa, I hope your little punks enjoy these recipes as must as mine"

  33. You gals have fun for all of us!!! Oh my goodness I have wanted this book so bad!! I have gone to Hastings a few times just to look at it and read some…(Hate the economy right now) anyhow if I were lucky enough to win I would like Ree to say "good luck on the guacamole!"
    Thanks for the chance!!!!!
    Tracy D.

  34. oh have a wonderful time…I would love to have pw write..

    Kelly..Cheers to Butter!! Love Ree

  35. I would like Ree to write to me…

    "Aaron, come to the lodge one day.."

    ok that was wishful thinking…but my lifetime dream. I just think Ree is amazing & hilarious.
    I especially enjoy when she talks to herself while dictating recipes & such.

    [p.s. I am a female, contrare to my name's spelling!]

  36. To Ruth and her Fire Capt Man, may you continue to cook many meals together! Love, Ree

  37. Howdy Sheila and gang – Hope y'all are having a great time at the ranch. I would most likely give the cookbook away. J. D. doesn't cook much. Any comment would be special.

  38. I have her cookbook but it was signed already. I want this one to be more personalized so it should say:

    Dear Lisa,

    I cannot wait to meet you so come and visit me at the Ranch and we will have some Wine and cook!!!!

  39. I have her cookbook but it was signed already. I want this one to be more personalized so it should say:

    Dear Lisa,

    I cannot wait to meet you so come and visit me at the Ranch and we will have some Wine and cook!!!!

  40. Today, June 26th, is my birthday, so I would have Ree write:

    "Happy Birthday, Mary, and happy cooking"

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