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The Pioneer Woman COOKS- GIVEAWAY!!!

Because Christmas is less than a week away..

Because I fed lots of people today….
Because I used this cookbook to feed the crowd…..

Because Elvis stopped by and sang “Hound Dawg” real loud……

Because I love this lady, and her Hound Dawggy……..

And it’s almost my Birthday…… and my Mom made these cute Frocks! (OK the rhyme ends here….I’m not Dr. Seuss.)
Christmas themed, with snow flakes, candy canes and holly. Adorable!

You can also wear this apron with the bib down.

Cowgirl Apron! Yeehaw!
Look at the detail. I bought this fabric months ago, if you remember I actually asked you what I should do with it and someone suggested I make an apron and give it away. Well, I could have never come up with anything this cute….I knew this. So when my mom was visiting us this Fall, from Florida, I snuck it in her suitcase with the pattern and and a note that said, “Make cute, apron. For blog. Purdy pleeeze.”
The pockets are just big enough for a cell phone! I always have my cell phone in my apron pocket…no foolin’.

Aren’t these little Ladies Sweet?!

This is not my backside! In my dreams, look at the bow, not the hind quarter. How’d my mama do that? There’s a cowgirl on each tie!

Do you realize how hard it’s going to be for me to give this away?

Do ya? Do ya?
Not hard, because I think the world of you all, and wanted something really fun and special to giveaway for Christmas. I don’t know what I’d do with out you. (Eat less, and read more books…not that I’m keeping track or anything.)
And the SUPER added BONUS……. Ree Drummond, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman, gave me three signed copies of her cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks to GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

My kiddos are home from school, so I’m gonna kick off my boots and my tennis shoes, and be a lazy blogger this week….

We have lots of fun stuff planned. Cookie decorating, friends for dinner, movies, pajama days, games, three birthdays to celebrate, and hopefully lots of sledding and skiing!

Here’s the SCOOP! There will be THREE winners, chosen randomly.

WINNER #1 will win a signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks and the Cowgirl Apron.
WINNER #2 will win a signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks and the Christmas Apron.
WINNER #3 will win a signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.
Answer the following question in the comments section of this post:
“What are your plans over the Christmas holiday?”
Movies, baking, sleeping in, visiting Aunt Thelma….let me know in the comments and you will be entered to win.

One entry per person.
No entries after noon on Thursday, December 23.

WINNERS will be announced on Christmas Eve.
Good Luck!

Feel free to spread the love by Twittering and sharing on Facebook…use the share buttons on the sidebar.
Thank you, Thank you, thank you very much!

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  1. Love the aprons! I'll be hanging w/ my girls (2 1/2yrs and 1 yrs) and be staying up late every night trying to finish their Christmas present (sewing them a felt playhouse) which due to being a procrastinator I will probably still be sewing Christmas eve ๐Ÿ™‚ The next week I will be relaxing while the girls are playing w/ all their new toys ๐Ÿ™‚
    Pierson (at) altelco (dot) net

  2. Hanging out with by hubby and boys- Christmas and New Years parties, open houses, dinners….. it will be busy- but thankfully I don't have to work much!

  3. Ohhh…love that apron! I would love to be entered in your giveaway.
    This Christmas will be spent with a some very special neighbors whose father is in the hospital far away. They are going through a rough time right now.

  4. I adore the aprons and Ree, please enter me too. We fill our house with all the kids and grandkids, sharing good food, gifts and family fellowship. I'm blessed to have all 5 kids and their little families close by, but I know it won't last forever.

  5. The Christmas fun begins on the 24th and rolls right on thru to the 26th of spending time with family and friends. Love the cowgirl apron super cute.

  6. So much to do so little time…today I will get organized but shopping, game night, naked plates, snow tubing, eating, eating, eating. Just being with my girls, hubby and family nonstop is really what I look foward to!

  7. So glad you included us in your blog! thanks! We miss you too, haven't really met too many of our new neighbors yet except for a wave across the yard. This year we are enjoying new traditions in our new home and reluctantly saying goodbye to some old traditions. Our girls and family will be here except for our missionary Kelli who is in Ireland and England over Christmas. She will join us for Christmas via Skype!greet everyone for usand have a Merry Christmas!( oh, and I would love to be entered in the drawing, too!)

  8. Sheila~
    You are so sweet & generous (and constantly cracking me up!!). We actually have our holiday travels out of the way, so I will be playing with my boys for the next 2 weeks (legos, games, and hopefully sledding if the weather cooperates!). We'll be in our jammies LOTS! I'll be thinking of you while we're celebrating Spencer's birthday on Christmas Eve too.

  9. We'll be going all around town. Hubs dad's side, then his mom's on x-mas eve; my mom's then my dad's on x-mas day. I could use a nice read like a PW cookbook! Thanks!

  10. Eating, eating, eating, and oh, sharing the days with family of course! I have already had some real quality time with my girls making soy candles, hot cocoa, chocolate covered spoons! I have never made so many presents as I have this year…it wasn't any cheaper!! ๐Ÿ™‚ But LOTS of fun! Merry Christmas to the Johnson family!

  11. For the holiday weekend, we are picking up our chocolate Lab from "camp" (aka 5 weeks of training), and then we're going to enjoy an easy weekend at home having a quiet celebration and getting to spend time with the dog and each other.

  12. Going home to RI and seeing my mom!! It will be a different holiday without my dad, but hopefully it will still be fun.

  13. Ohhh..such cute aprons!! I am planning on hosting the big family dinner on Christmas Eve and spending Christmas Day with my little family letting the kids enjoy their presents, making a simple dinner and an indulgent breakfast.

  14. The hubs and I are headed back to see our parents and spend time over next weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love those aprons!

  15. What a great giveaway! Our plans for this Christmas holiday are spending time with my Dad (who is visiting from Florida), baking tons of cookies, and hanging around the house in our PJ's all day long!

  16. Got to get in on this!! Let's see…Off for 2 weeks with the kids, love it!! Lots of family time with both sides of the family! Here on Christmas Eve with Mike's side and here on Christmas day with mine. Lots of baking, shopping, and get-together s. And, of course, for me, starting out the day with Jesus and keeping Him exulted will be the key to a great Christmas for me and my family. Oh, and locating my cell phone. I believe I left it at Meijer yesterday but they have not found it, yet, so if anyone would like to agree with me in prayer that the Lord will get it back into my hands, that would be much appreciated. Merry Christmas!!

  17. I do a soup supper Christmas Eve at my house. Then Christmas morning the Grandparent's come over to watch our little girls open their gifts and my husband makes breakfast on the grill. Christmas dinner will be Prime Rib and Shrimp! Ohhh, my waist band is growing. Lol Merry Christmas!!!

  18. What a great apron! Love it. I will be enjoying having my kids home and doing some baking and cooking, last minute shopping and lots of wrapping. Then Christmas Eve at my parents house. My brother is coming into town from Florida with his one year old black lab. 1, 3 and 4 year old all labs running around. Might be a bit crazy. I just have to bring the Swedish Meatballs. And I am going to make John's Egg Nog for sure. Then a quiet Christmas morning and day at home, we will make waffles, bacon and hot cocoa and enjoy the day. Merry Christmas Sheila and Family

  19. We will be off to spend Christmas Eve with His family doing that Christmas after all the boys come in from Hunting… Then off to spend the night with my Parents and open gifts with them on Christmas morning. WE will have our 2 kids I mean dogs.. along with us and I will get to see my sisters new born for the hundreth time and eat him up. Lots of Family time, cooking good food and great conversation. Merry Christmas to you and family.

  20. For Christmas this year, I'm celebrating in a new house. Was fun to decorate! Had a lovely time with a living room filled with Christmas pianists! Will also be hosting my family on Christmas Eve… We started a new tradition of appetizers and desserts a few years ago. This means the meal never ends… we just keep eating! Can't wait to see what the kids think of their gifts in the morning!! I LOVE shopping for them. ๐Ÿ™‚ And one of my favorites… a quiet evening of reading the Christmas story and discussing as a family, what Christ has done for us! Merry Christmas, Sheila!

  21. This Christmas we are saying good-bye to my husband's mother who has cancer. The children and family have spent time together with her. She is such an inspiration living out the end of her life with such spunk and grace. This has been very difficult yet an amazing life lesson for my children. The family is gathering on Christmas day as grandma wishes…with the fireplace crackling and the little ones laughing and all the talk and crazy togetherness.

  22. So cute! Let's see…..Christmas Eve we are spending with my extended family in-laws, Christmas morning we will open gifts at home with the kids (6), then head to my inlaws, then to my parents. Lots of yummy food and family togetherness ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. My parents came in town for Christmas and we are planning an Italian feast at my house for Christmas! Yummy! We always go to the Christmas Eve service at church on Christmas Eve and open gifts at midnight. I am looking forward to all of it!

  24. I'll be spending the holiday with my husband and our families. I cherish every holiday I have with my Grandmas. That Christmas apron is ADORABLE!

    Amy S.
    amy dot tuggle at gmail dot com

  25. We are having our Christmas with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we will have a low key relaxing day with a small Christmas dinner in the afternoon. It will be a day to celebrate the reason for the season, family, love and laughter!

  26. Wow, super cute and awesome give aways!! My plans over the Christmas holiday are to cook and give back to my husband and his unit. My husband is in the Marine Corps, and works as a aircraft firefighter. This is his 5th year in the Marines, and his 4th Christmas away, so this is nothing new for us; however, I still love to make sure I'm doing everything I can to help the guys enjoy their Christmas holiday as much as possible. Just my way of giving back to them for all they do for us. I love pioneer woman's website, and I'm actually making them her amazing chocolate sheet cake, one of their all time favorites, and mine too!! Hope everyone has an amazing holiday season, Merry Christmas!!!

  27. I'd love to win one of these cookbooks. Thanks for the great giveaway. My plans are to cook a big and yummy dinner and then relax with family. Happy Holidays!

  28. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!!! Give your Mama a big ole hug from me. These are just the most adorable aprons.

    I'm so glad to hear someone else always has their cell phone in their apron pocket. That's their purpose, right?

  29. Love the aprons! This year we are traveling to my parents house , 12 hours away. We will just relax. Play scrabble with my nana. Eat lots of yum food. Nothing fancy.
    glanzaelizabeth77 at gmail dot com

  30. Love it Shelia! I will be cooking, eating, shopping, wrapping, baking and hosting Christmas day! Not to mention rejoicing in the *reason* for the season! Happiest of holidays to you & yours sweet friend!

  31. Cooking, eating, baking, eating, peeling pecans, eating, roasting and eating ….well, you get the idea! I have the woolly socks and fleece sleep pants all ready to go. Hahaha! Yes! We will have us some fun!

  32. We will be having my family over for dinner on Christmas Eve and loving all the time… and spending time with family and celebrating a birthday for an awesome 12 year-old boy, and spending more time with family, and minor sneaks off to work, be with friends, and go to book club.

  33. The aprons are adorable!!! We will be spending Christmas Eve with Hubby's family, and Christmas day with my family. Lots of love to go around!

  34. We are all on vacation from work/school so it'll be nice and relaxing – playing in the snow (hopefully we'll still have some left), playing games, and SLEEPING IN! whoo hoo!

    Merry Christmas all!

  35. I love the aprons…even asked my hubby for one for Christmas! Super excited for our 1 year old to experience Christmas this year! We might even have a white Christmas first time in a long long while! We're spending this whole week with my hubby's parents here and skyping on Christmas day with my momma and poppa since they're staying warm in AZ ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Terry P says: Have to post "anonymous" as I don't have any other account! My week started with making 13 loaves of Amish Friendship bread today. Heading out to give to neighbors now. I love NOT setting an alarm and Sleeping in! A couple lunch dates with friends. Jeff is coming home so we get to hang with both kids. Christmas will be early 'cause Jeff has to go home to work. Hopefully some skiing next week! Merry Christmas to all. I love the cute aprons and the cookbook must be awesome!

  37. We're keeping it really low-key this year…just spending time with family (and probably a bit of baking thrown in for good measure).

  38. This is such a cool and unique give away. I am actually coming back to Michigan for Christmas and I cannot wait to be with my family in my home state!! Yee haw!

  39. my husband and daughter and I will be spending most of this week with my inlaws..and then leave the day before Christmas eve to drive to KY to be with my family. Two weeks away from home…but lots of good family time!!

  40. Oh my are those aprons cute! Would I love to have wear one when I am cooking for my family!!!
    We are having both mine and my husbands family here for the holidays! Crazy, I know! But my little Avery's 2nd birthday is Dec. 23rd and we have to celebrate! So, bring on the craziness and the happy holidays!
    Happy Birthday to you too Sheila!
    Kristen VanLaecke

  41. Watching Elf, baking and delivering lots of cookies, putting together a big puzzle, enjoying Christmas Eve brunch at my church, relaxing with my family! Merry Christmas!

  42. 5 parties, working 4 days each week (of kidos Christmas Break – ahh to be a kid again) and just hanging with the fam.

  43. We decided this week we're driving to Canada to SURPRISE my husband's family. Norm has not been home for Christmas in 19 YEARS!!!! I have Brandon's 13th birthday party on the 23rd and that night the 3 of us will open presents and celebrate our Christmas early. Christmas Eve we're hitting the roads and making the 10 hour trek (counting on good weather) to Sudbury Ontario Canada. Christmas morning we're going to park down the street from his family's house and have Brandon ring the doorbell – they're going to be shocked and elated to see us! I plan on spreading lots of Strawberry Luv in Ontario. I will have packed enough food to feed a small army. We'll then leave Ontario to head down to Indiana for my family Christmas and then back home for NYE! AHH I'm exhausted thinking about that! Safe Travels to all who venture out!

  44. I am looking forward to celebrating my son Ethan's first Christmas in North Muskegon, MI with my family! I am so excited and can't wait to just hang out. I feel very blessed this holiday with my wonderful son, awesome husband, a mother who is fighting cancer and winning, the best sister's in the world and great family and friends. I truly amb lessed! Merry Christmas to all of you!

  45. Hopefully getting healthy! Not to be Debbie Downer, but I have one with strep throat and another with suspicious symptoms. Yuck!!! I could use this apron as I scrub the house to rid it of germs ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nikki Peterson

  46. Adorable Apron… Sheila, your Mom did a fantastic job!! (perhaps she could sell a few for the 'tour' next year??). I will be sitting back, eating, drinking egg nog, and fellowshipping with family. Oh, I'll also be keeping my eye on Marlin as he keeps his eye/nose on the food :). Love you.

  47. Love the aprons! I will be hanging out with my boys, and celebrating my 8th anniversary with my hubby!

  48. I love those aprons! And let's be honest here: the PW cookbook is AMAZING!! That being said, our Christmas holiday may be disrupted by snow. Last year we had a blizzard + 10 inches on Christmas Eve, but because I was unemployed, we opted to drive the 3 hours to visit my family. This year? Not so motivated! If it snows a LOT again this year, we may push Christmas with my to NYE weekend.

  49. What a fun giveaway!! My mom just arrived from 800 miles away to spend Christmas week with us, so our plans pretty much revolve around here. My in-laws will also be joining us for a sleepover. It will be a full house! But a happy house. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for including me in your giveaway.

  50. We will be spending Christmas Eve at a apecial service at church and then having some good friends who are alone alot on the holidays over for dinner. Christmas day we spend the morning in our pjs and head over to Grandma and Grandpa's for the huge Vogelaar celebration. We will possibly seeing you the next week when the boys start indoor soccer. Have a Blessed Christmas. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  51. The apron is adorable! For Christmas my family will be coming in from various states… First time in YEARS we'veall been together for Christmas! Food, family, & fun!

  52. We will be baking, playing new games that Santa brings the kids, Hedbanz will be played a lot I am sure. Spending time with the extended families. Just relaxing and enjoy some popcorn and movies together. Just some good quality family time. Hope you have an awesome Christmas !!

  53. I am spending the holidays baking, cleaning, visiting friends and relatives. Hopefully I'll be relaxing once again by new years eve (my bday)!

  54. I am off to the SouthEast for the next few days. First Charlotte and then Chattanooga (where they are predicting snow on Christmas, SNOW ON CHRISTMAS!)

  55. The apron is to die for! Your mom is a talented seamstress. Our Christmas festivities begin tomorrow night when our 2 cowgirl daughters & our new cowboy son-in-law arrive home from WY. Lots of family activities planned during their stay including a wedding open house for our daughter & husband on New Year's Day.

  56. Mom's for Christmas Eve, Aunt's for Christmas morning, Very good friend's for Christmas Dinner, but the best part for me and the hubby is going to be watching our 1 and 3 year old rip into their gifts on Christmas morning ๐Ÿ™‚ Merry Christmas!

  57. We have three sets of grandparents, one we are visiting and two that are coming to us. Lots of Christmas present opening for my 4 and 5 year old! All the baking is done and the meals for the next few days will be very simple. Just a quiet home Christmas!

  58. Visiting family, eating too much fun, and opening presents from Santa. Enjoying time off from work.

  59. Hanging with my two boys who are 22months and 4 months, watching Christmas Vacation and eating eating and eating!

  60. Well let's see………we will be eating, opening gifts(probably throwing some out, cause they get caught in the wrapping paper trash pile!!), cleaning up, drinking………which is a given to get through the holiday shuffle, and maybe a good ol' fashion family smackdown!!! But the most important thing we will be doing is spending time together! It would all be better if I had that cowgirl apron though!!!!

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