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PW ranch visit COOKBOOK giveaway

Did I say that I would not be picking a winner until 4pm this afternoon. Saturday June 26, 2010??

I didn’t?


Well now you know and you have plenty of time to call all your peeps tell them all about this
FANTABULOUS cookbook I am giving away, and how I am in the presence of the author, and cooking with the author and cutting calf nuts off with the author, Ree.

Well kinda, the last part.

GET CRACKIN people. I have been up for hours already. And so should you be and your friends should be up too.

Commenting to win.


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  1. So how did working the cattle go today. I was sure thinking about you lovely ladies often. Hope you have a safe trip home tomorrow. You are welcomed to visit us in Oklahoma again anytime!

  2. I am glad you are having a FABULOUS time. I have one of her cookbooks signed to "her best blog friend", yep, that's me. Well, it used to be until you got to go meet her. It is a fantastic cookbook, share it with someone that will enjoy it as much as we have. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Stephanie (The Park Wife)

  3. Did you make the apron for Ree to sign? I hope you meant 4 PM CST !! Have a wonderful rest of the time.

    The "old" Cece !!

  4. Love all the updates from you and Meets! You look like you are having the time of your life. Would love the book. To Robin, It's all good! Love ya more n' my luggage Ree