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Cooking through Ree’s Frontier ~ Giveaway!

I’m here to confess that I nearly did it, but not quite. So I guess I failed.  Miserably. I need some closure.  I couldn’t just swipe Cooking through Ree’s Frontier under the rug and hope no one noticed that I never finished.

chirp chirp...you would have noticed I didn’t finish right?

Heck I promised I’d GIVEAWAY a couple more of Ree’s The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbooks.  I’m a girl of my word!   Actually Ree said she would give me books to giveaway….so thanks P-dub-ditty!   Well I did stick to wearing my stretchy pants as often as possible does that count?

Here are a few of the latest recipes I’ve tried from Ree’s scrumpdillyicious cookbook!


 The Best Grilled Cheese Ever!  Seriously that’s what it’s called and that is exactly what it is!  I made these for the kiddos lunch on a snow day.  My oldest daughter thought she died and went to heaven.  She’s a sandwich girl that one!  I agreed with her they were pretty darn good.



The Perfect Spinach Salad.  Yup that’s it!  Its full of crunchy spinach, loads of bacon, caramelized onions, eggs, and topped off with a beautiful balsamic dressing.  I could eat this salad every day!



My oldest son has declared Billie’s Italian Cream Cake  his favorite cake.  The funny thing is I would have never ever in a million years guessed that he would love this cake so much.  My wittle boy is growing up….snerk snort sob.  (all 6’4″ of him!)



 OK I said I could eat the Perfect Spinach Salad everyday…well I forgot about Ree’s Spicy Caesar Salad! 

With homemade Cornbread Croutons!



My daughter was in heaven once more with this Chicken Apricot Panini..the men in the house turned up there snouts when they heard there were apricots involved, but when they tasted they agreed. Thumbs up!



I had never made French Onion Soup.  It’s one of those foods I love, but only ever order from restaurants.  It’s really quite simple, and very comforting on a freezing cold winter night.  Everyone ate it with their Chicken Apricot  Panini…not sure if the pairing was right, but it sure tasted like it!



If you know me, you know I love Green Bean Casserole.  The one I make is quite different than Ree’s, but I love them both the same.  They are both delicious in there own right!  I can eat this stuff cold standing at the fridge for breakfast!  Please don’t judge me.



And now my favorite recipe from the whole dadgum book….it was hard to pick because I have many favorites, but if I had to choose it would be this one. Blackberry Chip Ice Cream.  There are no words.


Here is what I’ve yet to make:

Cowgirl Quiche
Breakfast Bread Pudding
Chipotle Steak Salad
Spicy Panini
Swiss Mushroom Sliders
Meatball Sliders
Steak House Pizza
Osso Buco
Panfried Kale
Panfried Spinach
Corn Casserole
Strawberry Shortcake
Peach Basil Topping

I’m sure that I will eventually make each and every last one of these recipes.   If I don’t it will gnaw at the back of my noggin!  I’m a finisher…usually I finish last, but I finish. ; )

Cooking my way through both of Ree’s cookbooks has been sublime. Definitely felt like I was cooking with a friend each step of the way. There wasn’t a recipe I didn’t love.  Many I have made several times. Maybe this can count for me not making it through the book by my deadline! It’s Ree’s fault she distracted me with such scrumptious recipes I needed to make them not once but twice and thrice and frice times! Leaving no time for me to make all the recipes!


**So here’s the deal!  Answer this question in the comments below to WIN A COPY of The Pioneer Woman Cooks ~ Food from my Frontier!

If you had to choose between butter and bacon which would you choose?

(Neither does not count you have to choose one I’ve got a spatula to your head!)



~Leave your answer in the comments for a chance to win.

~Only one entry per person please.

~You have until Saturday night at midnight to enter. (March 30 midnight EST)  I will announce the winners on Sunday…it will be like getting a copy of Ree’s book in your Easter basket!!!!

~of course feel free to tweet and share on facebook…but this will not earn you extra entries.  Just do it because it’s nice to share ; )

Yours Truly, Sheila



PS…did you know The Pioneer Woman is working on another cookbook?

PPSS…no I’m not going to cook through it.  My stretchy pants can’t take the pressure!

pppssst…When Ree’s third cookbook comes out I’m sure I will have to have one for my self and several to share!

PPPsssTah! …If you don’t follow my TWITTER or FACEBOOK yet you should.  It’s a great way to keep up to date on what’s happing here at Eat 2 gather.  You don’t have facebook or twitter, NO WORRIES subscribe to my feed and you will get all of my post via email!!!

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  1. My vote would be for butter—there are so many possible recipes just waiting for someone with a good butter supply to make:)

  2. Bacon for eating … butter for cooking … how’s that for a non-answer LOL!

    Ouch, ouch! You were serious about the spatula?! Sheesh! Okay, okay …


  3. Very tough question..why do you want to tax my brain? I think I would have to go with butter…so many different uses. Love U from a MI girl, living far away now.

  4. Butter – I love bacon, but I am a baked goods person to the core and other than my new fav chocolate chip cookie recipe you need butter to bake.

  5. Bacon, it is duel purpose. You can eat the bacon and save the dripping to use when cooking an egg, home fries or making a gravy. If there was only a way to bake with it. Then it would be even better!

  6. Wow, that is a tough choice. Butter, multiple uses, definitely more practical. Bacon, well that’s for indulging. And I’m pretty good at that, so I say BACON!

    (please pick me, please pick me!!)
    love and hugs to you Sheila!

  7. Butter, because you can cook and bake with it. It makes cookies wonderful. Mashed potatoes cannot do without it. And it’s the best slathered over homemade bread. Hi my name is Suzy and I’m addicted to butter.

  8. Butter!! This is blasphemous or something, I’m sure, but I like turkey bacon way better than regular bacon (gasp!) This is equally pathetic, but I do buy regular bacon for my husband for Christmas morning breakfast, and if I am out of town and he is making breakfast for the kids. So…butter it is. I love it WAY too much on pretty much everything…

    And WOW on cooking through the books! That is amazing!! 🙂

  9. Butter, no question. I used to be a vegetarian and I didn’t really miss bacon all that much. I would miss the butter in my homemade cookies much more!

  10. Oh what a hard question! Man! I think I’m going to have to go with butter, although I would definitely go through bacon withdrawl.

  11. Oooh that is a toughie! Gotta go with butter though — love, love, love me some butter. There is not one bit of the fake stuff in my fridge, real butter all the way on my homestead! I always make sure that I have good supply of the real stuff on hand for my favorite recipes. Thanks for the opportunity to win PW’s cookbook, all of these recipes look so good — can’t wait to try them.

  12. This is easy for me since I do not eat Diary– BACON!

    But I would have said Bacon anyway since i love bacon!

    Make the Meat Ball Sliders– they are just delish!

  13. I would have to say butter..but I did have to think about it! Today I am actually making PWs’ Meatloaf wrapped in bacon from her first cookbook. I am so excited to hear that she has another one coming out too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I absolutely love that you cooked your way through PW’s cookbook! (Well, you almost did) 🙂 I’ve made several of her recipes recently myself and they have been amazing. I can’t wait to try some more! And I can’t want for her next cookbook to come out! Really excited for that. And just so you know, I’d definitely pick bacon, although it was a tough choice. 😀

  15. I had to sit there and contemplate this question. My first reaction is bacon because I love a good piece of bacon – the kind of bacon from the butcher not the packaged stuff in the grocery store. Then I wanted to change my answer to butter because I couldn’t make half of my recipes without it! But just like they teach you in school to stick with your first guess. I choose bacon. Final answer.