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Cooking through Ree’s Frontier Finale Winners!

Easter Greetings!  I pray that you are enjoying your day with family and friends, breaking bread together around the table, and making memories!  I am so excited to announce the winners of Ree Drummonds second cookbook Food From My Frontier!!  I asked Ree if she would give me a book or two (or three) to giveaway as a way to celebrate my nearly cooking through her whole book (Hey I made it through the first one!!)  She’s so sweet she said “yes my Dear!”.  So thank you Ree, you da best!

The winners were picked using Random.org and they are………….

BUTTER!  Oh oops you thought I was going to tell you the winners of the cookbooks ; ) OK here they are!

72 Jennifer ~ butter

45 Kristi M ~ butter

14 Colleen Gorman ~ BACON

Even with the winners butter still won!

Congratulations!  Shoot me a quick email giving me your full name and mailing address and we will get your cookbooks sent out to you before you can finish your buttered bacon or your baconed butter, pick your poison!

I did count the votes for the bacon butter debate.  I knew this was a hard question for myself, but I did not anticipate the anxiety I would turn up within you all!   It was truly a neck and neck race, the baking factor  was the key for many of your decisions and yes I feel your pain, I honestly think I would pick butter also if someone where torturing me with a spatula.

The final tally was…and you can correct me if I’m wrong (because I counted this late last night after 2 days on the road and a late night brewsky)

Butter 44

Bacon 32

Thank you all so much! xoxo, Sheila


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    1. Colleen, No problem. If you go to the top of Eat2gather and click on the little mail icon next to the Facebook and other icons it will give you my email address. Congratulations ; D!!

  1. Hi, Sheila! Just wanted to thank you for the cookbook … it came a couple days ago and my kids and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes. Hard part will be deciding which to try first LOL! In the meantime, I’m trying your spineless chicken … it’s sizzling in the oven as I type. Cutting off the spine and the ribs (well, I think those were the ribs) wasn’t too bad. I may have to buy whole roasters more often. Thanks!

    1. Jennifer,
      So glad you received your cookbook! Yeh! Thanks for letting me know. Loosen your belt and enjoy! xoxo ; ) Sheila PS yummo on the spineless chicky dinner. Have a great weekend.

        1. I bet you did. I will email Ree. Lucky you! ; ) No worries, hopefully you don’t get a third copy in the mail tomorrow! xoxox

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