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Boo! this will scare ya!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this. It’s sort of scary. I don’t like to be scared, and I honestly don’t like to scare people because…well I end up scaring myself in the process.

True story: The only thing that has ever threatened to break up my marriage was Ken’s love of  scaring people.  This chick doesn’t like to be scared!!….so about 3 months into our wedded bliss of a fairytale marriage (LOL) I had to break the news to Ken, “stop jumping out from dark corners and closets, or I’m leaving you dude!”.  Tears streaming, pants peed, finger wagging at him.  He stopped.  Then we had children.  They’re a little skiddish our kids.  It’s their father’s fault.  They don’t know they can threaten to leave him…then maybe he’ll stop.

I just realized that I totally gave away something about myself that certain people might not have known, and these certain people might love to see me wet myself and break down in a puddle of smoosh. 

Oh well.

So about six weeks ago Melody from GRkids.com referred me to WOTV; they had asked her to do a segment and she thought it better suited my “expertise” better than hers.  (That’s just good networking right there people.  BTW Melody’s website is the place to go for all things kid related in W Mi. Check. It. Out.)  So that’s how I ended up on Maranda’s Where you live series on WOTV.

Henceforth scary lady on TV episode.

Here watch it, BUT first turn your head slightly to the side, put your hands up….or better yet get a pillow, by your face to cover your eyes just incase you get sceeerd.



Phew!  You made it!  Were you scared?  Or did you laugh yourself silly?  My TV appearance has one of two effects on people totally freaked out, or laugh yourself silly.

What part was the most scary for you?

– My poor choice of wardrobe?  Next time (if there is one) I will be wearing something flowing, nothing that clings to my BELLY.  I should have listened to the media coach and worn my apron!!!! Argh.

– The WILD eyes?  My eyes were about to bug out of my head.

– The lip biting.  Oh I’m a nervous lip biter.  Did you think I was going to bite you?!  Scary lip biter lady…give me some candy.

– Um Um Um Um ya ya ya ya

I know what you’re saying.  Shush now girl.  Quit picking yourself apart.  It’s hard not to.  I could never be an actor.  I now know why certain actors and actresses say they never watch their performances.  I did not understand, until now.  It’s because its SCARY.  Superscarry.

UM UM UM ya ya all kidding aside.  I actually had fun.  I actually would do it again. The TV thing.  It was WAY easier than public speaking.  All these things you didn’t know about me…..TV career (one 5 minute segment under my belt) and I do, or have done (once) public speaking.  Now that was scary.  So scary in fact I scared a room full of hospital volunteers into a trance.  Boring.  I’m sure my eyes were really bugging out of my head that day, practically bit my lips right of my face.  Sweat pouring down my back.  Oh good golly for the love of………

So what did I speak on?  Sharing meals, getting back to the table, and loving others with food.  I shared a little bit about when my love for gathering others around the table started and some recipes and stories…snore Zzzzzzzz.  I don’t know if I would do public speaking again.  It was beyond scary, it was actually horrifying.  I might be able to do it if I had something to do, like a cooking class, but just standing in front of people talking about stuff I don’t know, I’m not much of a talker.  You know how some people are just gifted talkers?  I can have conversations, I can write, I can show people how to do stuff……most of the time.  But just flat out giving a monologue.  One thing is for sure…I think it’s a good idea to understand your audience before you embark into the world of public speaking, I’m not sure I completely understood my audience.

So that’s all I’ve got to say about that.  I hope you are recovered by now, and I hope you have a non scary Halloween.  I hope your Halloween is more like an orange Valentines Day!!

LurvYa, Sheila

P.S.    What candy will you get caught sneaking out of  your kiddos bags tonight?

ppss     Are you dressing up?  As what?  What a will your kiddos be?  My boys are too cool for school with Halloween these days, my girls on the other hand…one is going to be a Harlem globe-trotter (not the daughter you think) and the other one…the little one is going as an FBI/secret service agent.

P.P. S.S.    IT’S SNOWING.  Just now it started snowing.  12:21pm October 31, 2014 UGH.  Now that’s SCAARRYYY!



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  1. OK!!!! I LOVED it…you are a natural girl!!! Now, onto the bigtime…The Food Network!!!

    1. Ok you been hangin’ out with your neighbor talkin smack about me and the food network ;D hahaha! seriously tho thanks for the kind words!

    1. He was seriously such a cute kid, they both were so good and well behaved. Thank goodness! Well little Peter needs to hang out with this momma, did you see the bite I took?! bahahaha!

  2. You did fabulously awesome! Practice makes perfect so what’s next?!
    Remember us little people when you hit it big.

    1. Thanks for watching it Linda! Practice does make perfect. Too true! Have a great weekend! Sheila

  3. What a great opportunity ! You did us proud, girlfriend!! Loved how you were really paying attention to the kids while you were being asked questions….multi-talented, lady!! Your message was strong and hopefully others heard you. Thanks for taking that risk. (yes, snowing in IN this afternoon, too, but not as much as where you are)

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