yes INDEED it is TRUE i am visiting PW

I have given alot of thought to this post. Laying in bed twiddling my thumbs…where to start…what to write. Don’t want to bore anyone. Don’t want to leave anything out. Want to bring you all along… but I can’t. I know. It’s not fare. I mean who the heck am I that I get this […]

may i INTERRUPT this very AWESOME giveaway for a PW RANCH VISIT update….

Last night we had a VIM, (very important meeting) at Panera Bread. We all finally came together around the same table (minus 1) to plan and discuss our trip to Ree Drummonds ranch in Oklahoma. In two weeks 7 women and I are skeedaddling our patooties on down to the Ranch for a fun filled […]


Did you know that I am going to visit Ree Drummond on her ranch somewhere in the north east corner of Oklahoma? You didn’t? WHERE have you BEEN? For the LOVE of all things chocolate…please tell me by now you at least know who Ree Drummond is. NO! OK please go here. HI! You’re back. […]


I had the hardest time coming up with a title for this post. Titles are usually not an issue for me. Half the time I just blah something out up there and don’t look back. I don’t give it much thought. This post is different…. Here are some of my initial titles: it’s a SMALL […]

BEAN town

Hello! Seems like it’s been awhile… Some of you are new to me and I guess that makes me new to you too…in a sneaky sort of way. After posting practically everyday with my P-dub project it has felt strange to have a break from sending off my craziness into cyber space. We had Spring […]

and the WINNER is!

CONGRATULATIONS to Sue@Country Pleasures AND JBSquared the winners of The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook! Head on over and click on my profile over yonder…then email me your mailing address…and I will get this cookbook out to you quicker than you can say “rassle me up some of that there brisket P-dub”! Woooohooo, I just felt […]


A few years back we took a family vacation to Shenandoah National Park. We were driving along Skyline Drive that took us along the top of the mountain ridge. The views were spectacular. The weather was misty and rainy. The misty weather just added to the mystery of the mountains and made everything seem almost […]

Chicago is my Friend

Have I said “I love Chicago?”. Did I tell you that Chicago is the beast? Has anyone ever told you how much I like to visit the windy city? NO?!!!! Well I have only been there three times in the last three weeks, so go figure! There is some goooood eatin in that town, I […]

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