Vacation bites….

I haven’t baked or cooked a thing for 10 days now!  Yikes! I left a week ago today for Seattle for Blogher Food. Do you go through periods where you don’t cook/bake? In the Summer my style of cooking changes completely.  We are a pretty spontaneous family (of 6), so sometimes I will have dinner […]

Summer travel……

Did I tell you I’m going to Seattle? Yup. I am. I can’t wait. I’ve never been to Seattle, or anyplace north of San Francisco for that matter. I heard they have lots of foodie types, and coffee lovers there. I think me and Seattle will get along just fine. Why am I going?  Well, […]

Things I can’t live without it……..

Exactly one week from now the Johnson clan will be somewhere between West Michigan and Destin, Florida, riding in a mini van packed to the gills.  I have to say we are light packers as far as packing goes…. but still there are six of us, and we are staying for nine nights in a […]

Maple Syrup

Who loves Maple Syrup?  I do! I do!  I love it drizzled over warm, butter slathered pancakes, and waffles.  I love spiking my granola recipe with it, adding it to cakes, muffins, frosting, in baked beans and dripping it over bacon before cooking it.  MMMmmHmmm every thing is better with a little maple syrup on […]

So much FOOD so little time……..

You might want to pop a few TUMS before you proceed. It’s Spring Break here in West Michigan, and unlike other Michiganders, that headed South, I headed due East with my oldest son. He has been asking to go to the Big Apple for some time now. I guess he wanted to see what was […]

NYC here WE come!!!

Next week is Spring Break. I’m not heading South with the rest of Michigan. I am heading due East with my oldest son. We are going to New York City BABY! Alot of people have asked, “Why, New York City, with only one of the kids”. Why not?! My son has been asking to do […]

roadTRIP continued

Walking around campus of Miami University. Well it’s been quite a day. We started it out in Oxford. Where we stayed the night after Kenny showing us all old haunts and former residences while in college. We ate pizza at Bruno’s and bought t-shirts at the bookstore, and ended the night out at BTOyogurt! We […]


On the road again, I can’t wait to be on the road again, the life I love is being stuck in a mini van with my kids…I can’t wait to be on the road again! Truly, I love being on the road with my family. As you can see they are all engrossed in the […]

CHICAGO- One of a Kind Show

Just a quick note in case you missed it Julie you won the Pampered Chef gift Certificate!! Click HERE if you are Julie. OK now back to our regularly scheduled program. I’m hitting the road with Big D this weekend. Last year we went to the One of a Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart […]


If you know me, you know that I obsess about food. If I hear of a delicious morsel somewhere, I WILL stop at nothing to get to it. And if I don’t I will never forgive myself or the person who came between me and my FUhd. Example: the Red Iguana experience or should I […]

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