roasting tomaTOES

Finally, my maters are ripening up. I planted three tomato plants this year along with some herbs. The plants have a large amount of fruit on them…but they have been slow to turn red. One of my favorite ways to eat tomatoes is roasted. MMmmm..mmm.mmm..mmM! You can do so much with them. once you have […]


Two days ago we returned from family camp, we look forward to this week all summer, but when it’s done it marks the end of another summer. We get back and it’s time to get in “back to school” mode. I strongly dislike back to school mode. I dislike it because I am reminded of […]

Chicken FontiNELLA

I always let my kiddos dictate what they want to eat on their birthday. “Breakfast, lunch and dinner.They are allowed to bark out orders. “French Breakfast Puffs for breakfast!”, “Hot dogs for LUNCH”, “and chicken with ham chunks and that rice with black specks in it for DINNER”.I slap my heals together, wiggle my nose, […]

BBQ ribs

These would be the spices I use to make the rub for my BBQ ribs. My kiddos love ribs. I need to make them more, not sure why I don’t…… Note to self….make BBQ ribs more. This would be the secret weapon in my rib rub. Although it’s really not that surprising, and now that […]

Lynn’s Island Chicken

I can’t sleep….. So I am up at a very frightening hour writing this recipe out for you. This could be dangerous…hoping I don’t leave a vital step or ingrediant out. I will proof read…but at 2am it’s really useless. This recipe is really very easy…it seems like there are alot of steps but they […]


I was given the recipe for this versatile sauce from a sweet mom, I was privileged to meet a couple years ago, of all places by the pool while vacationing in Costa Rica! She was born and raised in Singapore. We became fast friends because of our love for food. It doesn’t take me long […]

Comfort FOOD

I don’t really have much to say. Or I guess I should re word that, because I have alot to say, I am just to lazy to write it all down write now. But I do want to share with you a yummy dinner I made this week. Shepherds Pie! Yummy, yummy, yummy feels so […]

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