PIE GEEK link~up! +GIVEAWAY+Lattice Peach Crumble Pie

I am a TOTAL Pie GEEK!  Are you a Pie Geek too?  How do you know if you’re a Pie Geek?  If you answer yes to any or all of the following pie questions then, You are a Pie Geek! 1. If you could stand up in a court of law and confess  “I your […]

31 days:: reason #9 Teams & Teachers

Originally I said I was going to be sharing fifteen reasons for sharing meals.  I lied.  Well, not really, I just decided to group a few of them together.  It seemed to flow better that way.  And quite frankly I’m running out of days!  Today is already day 26!  Heavens to Betsy where do the […]

31 days of Meals 4 Sharing:: {day 24} Redletterwords GIVEAWAY

Because it’s day 24 of 31 days of Meals 4 Sharing, and 24 is a special number in our home. (Kenny and I met on April 24th, engaged on January 24th, married on September 24th, I was born on December 24th, ummmm and all kinda by accident, because we really are not that intentional about […]

Piggy Polish Winners!

Wow! It has been quite a Summer! But I will tell you all about that AFTER…I announce the winners of my “Summer isn’t over yet” giveaway. Drum roll please……. Thanks Luke.  Lukes my third child who drives us all bonkers with his incessant drumming, but for this it was put to good use…again I say […]

Summers not over….PIGGY POLISH giveaway!!!

I keep hearing these horrible whisperings of kids going back to school, and of Summer being over.  Who are you people?!  Summers not over….at least not here in Michigan.   Let me inform you that we still have until September 6 until Summer is over.  Just to prove that Summer is still happening I’m doing […]

Blessed ~ WINNER!

The GIVEAWAY winner is: Anonymous said… I love all Robin’s designs but i’m particularly drawn to the blessed pendants! My husband and I had difficulty conceiving our daughter and now she’s almost a year old and for that I am blessed!Stacy Karish May 4, 2011 8:55 AM Stacey I am so excited that you won! […]

Bless on Mothers Day

Mothers Day is one week away. I am always overwhelmed with gratitude on Mothers Day. I have been blessed with four amazing children! And I also am blessed to be surrounded by many amazing women! My Mom, my Grandmothers, Mother-n-laws, Aunts, my Mom’s friends who are like mothers to me, friends, different women at church […]

CUPCAKES!!!! giveaway from CupCakes by Design

One DOZEN Cupcakes from Cupcakes by Design!! Can you say, “Come to Mama!”? Oh my this is your lucky Valnetines Day…..Jeremy and Cheryl!!! Jeremy and Cheryl said… I would love something chocolate, dripping in carmel. Like a caremello candy bar! I’m posting on FB too I loved hearing what your favorite flavor would be. Made […]

Reluctant entertainer WINNER!

Heather Baker you are the WINNER of Sandy Coughlins book The Reluctant Entertainer!!! heatherbaker said… I am THE reluctant entertainer,not sure if it is an excuse, but I just don’t like it-makes me nervous for weeks in advance,oooh and so crabby. My mom and my sister love it, they make it look and seem effortless, […]


Drum rol PA-leeze…………….. The WINNERS of the first three GIVEAWAYS in “The week of LUV” are…….. Juicy Christians TRACY WOODRUFF you are the winner of One Piece of Juicy Christians jewelry your choice. Hi Sheila!I love the three cross necklace…such beautiful stuff, thanks for introducing me to Juicy Christian, love her stuff!twoodruff@live.com BLACK HEELS to […]

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