Easy Chicken Pie

Need a super easy recipe?  Need a meal that your whole family will love?  A recipe that will use up some of that leftover turkey you are no doubtedly going to have a week from now?  I gotcha covered!!

Easy Chicken Pie

When I saw Trisha Yearwood make this on her food network show I thought that seems way too simple!  But Oh man is this delicious!! The fact that its so easy makes it even more delicious!   I did change it up a bit, because you know I can’t leave a recipe alone, I made it easier by eliminating a stove top step.  I’ve made it both ways and I can’t tell the difference, so I say go the easy route.  When in doubt take the easy route!   That’s my new kitchen mantra. Also followed by “aint nobody got time fer dat!”.

Easy Chicken PieDoesn’t look too pretty in photos, but OOOh my this is pure comfort food people.   I usually add veggie on the side, but not always because sometimes “ain’t nobody got time fer dat!”.  Dat being veggies.  Forgive me for dissing nutrition.  I’m just saying sometimes….one warm homemade dish is all there’s time for, otherwise I just don’t have any fresh veggies on hand, so well I heat up frozen corn or peas and then nobody eats it!!  So it’s a waste.  My kids like broccoli, carrots, beans, potatoes, and squash, oh and oddly enough brussels sprouts!  Need to get better at keeping those on hand.

I need to add that this is so yummy made with leftover turkey!  Wondering what to do next Saturday when you still have a bag of turkey that you can hardly face, but don’t have the giblets to throw it out until it smells weird and is slimy.  Well wonder no more.  You need to make this here Easy Turkey Pie!


Easy Chicken Pie - great for using up leftover turkey!!

So now that you have a plan for your leftover turkey in place.  Tell me what’s your plan for shopping over the holiday weekend?  Do you black Friday shop?  Or do you stay far, far away from the madness?  I personally am not in to it.  I am not really a big shopper.  I shop.  Obviously.  If my kids want to go, I’ll go, but otherwise I like my warm beddy-by entirely too much!!



Thanksgiving Leftovers - Chicken Pie I’m wondering if these two ya-whoos will show up around here this year.  Last year it didn’t happen, but I think we may see a return of Ma and Pa this year….stay tuned!

What are you up to this year for Thanksgiving?  Do you host?  Or do you go to a friend or family members?  My sister and I sort of take turns, every year it’s different, but somehow we make sure our families are together.  Some years it’s been quite crazy!!  I am making pies again this year, and selling them for a charitable cause.  I’ve been making my pie lists and checking them twice.  I’m ready to start baking!!

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    I make my chicken or turkey pie the old fashioned way with a puff pastry top but this Trisha recipe is very cool indeed!
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