Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup - quick meal!I hesitated to share this recipe, because I think there are like 3.8568 bazillion recipes on the world wide web for tortilla soup, but then I thought I bet they’re not as easy and yummy as mine!! Ha!  This soup can be made and eaten right away, or sometimes I make it and throw it all together in the slow cooker turn it on low and let it go for a couple of hours, depends on schedules.


Tortilla SoupSlow cooker works great for those nights when everyone is coming and going and needs to eat at different times. I don’t know about you but I’m waving the white flag of surrender to family meal time. I just cannot get my family together. There aint no gathering in our eating. Shazbot! I’m having faith that this will change and once school volleyball season is done before club starts and middle school swim starts we will have a week or two of gathering 2 eat 😉 Fingers crossed!

Tortilla Soup - 30 minute meal!Most of the time I just whip this up last-minute, like wah….you people want dinner? OH phooey! Crackers and cheese won’t do? I swear when these kiddos are all gone, Ken and I are going to live on cheese and crackers (specifically triscuits!) also chips and salsa. Maybe every fourth night I’ll get the bug to make dinner or if the kiddos and their rugrats come home I’ll cook up a feast.


So anyway….this is easy. Make it and then bang a couple of pots and pans together and yell COME AND GET IT!!


Have a great weekend!

XOX, Sheila

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    I thought I was the only mother who called for teenagers to come to dinner (and didn’t) so I banged pots one day. I was very loud but they came. They would have come faster if this soup had been on the table. We all loved tortilla soup.
    Maureen | Orgasmic Chef recently posted..Butternut, Potato and Onion Crustless QuicheMy Profile

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      Sheila :

      OH my one of my biggest pet peeves is getting dinner all on the table and waiting as the team slowly rolls in. I can remember sitting at the table waiting for my mom to put dinner on. Seriously. Kids these days!! LOL

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    Robi Rau :

    Sounds delicious! Making this for my family today!