I have a THING for Harry

I know I am doing the cookbook giveaway, BUT I can’t wait for that one I have to do another. It’s in my blood…My love language is giving! So I need to share with you one of my ALL time crushes. I can’t help it, I have a THANG (do you hear that New Orleans drawl?) for Harry Connick Jr..

So if you comment and tell me your all time favorite romantic movie you could WIN, Harry Connick Jr.’s Only You CD. It’s not his newest, but it’s one of my favorites.

I DO LOVE ME a good chic flick. And of course Hope Floats and New in Town are two of my favorites. I would have a hard time picking my all time favorite, but here are a few that I have watched more than once……The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally(of course Harry did the soundtrack!), Pretty Woman, Sweet Home Alabama, Lake House, Chocolat, Benny and June, Notting Hill(I kinda have a thing for Hugh too, maybe its H names, who knew?!), Bridget Jones, and Ghost. I will announce the winner on….you guessed it, Valentines Day!

Love you!

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  1. 1
    Friberg Clan :

    Office and a Gentleman….I am so not good @ this!

  2. 2
    I'm Jen. :

    The Wal-Mart movie aka Anywhere But Here starring Natalie Portman. So not a typical romance movie but I am not a typical person!

  3. 3
    Rtolle2292 :

    My Fav is Bridges of Madison County, Oh Yeah.Not sure how to post as…Renee`

  4. 4
    michellehansma :

    My "old" movie favorite is "Somewhere in Time"
    My "new" favorite is either Ghost or Pearl Harbor.

  5. 5
    Cheryl :

    I, like you, have many favorites. But, my all time favorite, hands down, is "Dirty Dancing". Oh my how I love this movie. I am so sad about the passing of Patrick Swayze, he was my teen heart throb.

  6. 6
    Anonymous :

    I couldn't sign into my account so I'm posting Anonymous but it's me Kelly A. Few of my favorites…Titanic, Officer and Gentlemen, and Notebook.

  7. 7
    Holly :

    I love anything by Nicholas Sparks. Message in a Bottle, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember. So excited for his new film — Dear John. Comes out Friday. I also agree with my cousin Michelle…Pearl Harbor is a great flick too!

  8. 8
    Robin S. :

    I love Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally & the Notebook just to name a few! I have to agree with the above post by Holly, anything by Nick Sparks!

  9. 9
    Elsie :

    Oh my! where to start! Pretty woman, Ever After, P.s I love you, the notebook, A walk to remember,an oldie but goody MY GIRL, blue lagoon, i also love, the lake house and hope floats, beyond golden pond, endless love.a knights tale. whew.. to name a few. LOL there are so many more, but i can't think of em all. i think i put in a pretty good dent tho didn't i? oh, and peewee's big adventure… that is kinda a love story. hahah the love of his bike.

  10. 10
    heatherbaker :

    Kind if a Christmas time movie, but I adore 'Love Actually', a little quirky, a little raunch, a whole lotta love, perfect.

  11. 11
    Cindy :

    Top Gun – there is no other!! Action, excitement, Goose – what more could you ask for?? =)

  12. 12
    Karrine :

    There seems to be a Sleepless in seatle theme going on here … I also love Made in Heaven 🙂

    karrine(.)hermediaat gmail

    I wanted to invite u to join us at blog press releases but coudn't find a contact link ?

  13. 13
    The Murphy's :

    The Notebook is the best! Cry everytime I watch it! I still think I need to name my next child (if it is a boy) Noah! That will take some work getting my hubby to agree! Lol

  14. 14
    Ange Sullivan :

    I'm not one that likes to watch the same movies again but the two that never gets old to me are Pretty Woman and Notting Hill. Guess I have a thing for Julia Roberts…or british guys!

  15. 15
    Selinchen :

    Hi Sheila – Love your blog! You make me laugh and I'm definitely going to try some of the recipes =)

    One of my favorite movies is Love Actually. The stories intertwine so love-ly. I also like Runaway Bride: "I can guarantee that at some time one or both of us is going to want out…".

    Tequila Sunrise is really really good too.