So sorry, I have to do a part four. I just had to share with you that me, and Dee made it on the Pioneer Woman’s “so thankful” post on Thanksgiving Day! My, my, my, its a good thing I was sitting down when I spotted us right there…. well I had to kinda look…. uh, yeah, well if you were to look you probably would never spot us. But I did! Cause I recognized the lady in the red sweater who was even more excitable than me. She is standing up and yes there we are about 4 rows behind her. Dee with her camera up, me with my flip video thinga-ma-bobber in front of my face. I started singing “looks like we made it” by my ol’ friend Barry Manilow ……(did I mention we are the last picture, so you must scroll all the way through all her pictures on the post)

All silliness aside. I am still quite geeked about my cookbook signing. I read the whole cookbook from cover to cover this weekend. I was thinking maybe I would do the Sheila and Ree Project. Where I try to cook through the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook in say three months and try to not go up a pant size, and blog about it. What do ya think??? Comments please.

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  1. 1
    Anonymous :

    Ah, yes! That is one FABULOUS idea. Get cooking lady! Demetria

  2. 2
    Anonymous :

    I saw you, I saw you, I saw you! Can I have your autograph, PLEASE! df

  3. 3
    Dee :

    yes do that! i will help you taste everything:)

  4. 4
    Anonymous :

    Do it sister, do it. Invite Eric and I over and do it! 😉 I had a dream about your blog last night – I am trying to find the best homemade mac and cheese recipe so I've been making one a week for a few weeks now and in my dream we were collaborating through your blog. LOL ~yo sista